Review by Lhisa -- Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole

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Review by Lhisa -- Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole

Post by Lhisa » 20 Sep 2018, 06:50

[Following is a volunteer review of "Raven's Peak" by Lincoln Cole.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Raven's Peak- World on Fire, Book 1

The story is about faith, the losing of one's faith and the path to regaining it. The main characters Arthur, Abigail and Haatim were all thrown into a dark reality that most of the world was oblivious to. The world of demons, menacing creatures determined to create chaos, havoc and death. This was the world that they were drawn into and they must fight to maintain their sanity, faith and their lives.

The book begins with Arthur Vangeest who was locked up in a secret underground prison before he was released by Freida to rescue Abigail. The woman that he had raised and trained after rescuing her from a cult when she was young. He was able to save her but was lost in the process.

After months of recuperation and searching for Arthur, Abigail was sent on a mission to dispatch a demon in Arizona. This is where she met Haatim, a young man who had lost his faith after watching his sister die slowly from cancer. He was targeted by a cell of demons while he was still oblivious to the supernatural world. It was later that he found out that his father was a leader of the organization that tried to manage the supernatural forces of the world and minimize the exposure of it to the unsuspecting world. She saved his life and brought him along on her trip to Raven's Peak, Tennessee where all hell breaks loose. The two work together to try to stay alive against a demon bent on destruction.

What I liked the most about this book is the attention to detail, and how the writer portrayed Haatim, he was a young man who had been abruptly made to realize that the things that he had disregarded as fiction in the past were actually true, yet where most would have tucked tail and ran, he was able to stick to his beliefs and fight against dangers that he had never faced before.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because not only was it professionally edited but it was also well written and was able to make the readers curious as to how the story would unfold.

There was only one mistake that I noticed in the book, and it was a simple typographical error. On page 158, paragraph 2, line 5, the word confused was spelt incorrectly. The only thing I didn't like about the book was the abrupt end to the story but that's not an actual flaw, its just an aspect of books that are part of a series.

This book will appeal to those who love the supernatural world. Demons and possession are not a new topic but this is a book that will appeal to even those who aren't very religious, as well as those who are. Although religion is brought up, it is not the main focus. The main focus is put on the characters and their fight against demons and their own flaws and their growth along the way.

Raven's Peak
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