Review by Raya raymond -- The Embalmer by Vincent Zandri

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Raya raymond
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Review by Raya raymond -- The Embalmer by Vincent Zandri

Post by Raya raymond »

[Following is a volunteer review of "The Embalmer" by Vincent Zandri.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The embalmer is a C/M/T/C about a main character called Steve Jobz. Not the legendary genius that we all hear about. This Steve Jobz is nowhere near as rich and famous as the Jobs you know. He lives a boring life with a boring job in the Insurance Fraud Industry. He is a former cop who retired after he accidentally shot a man of color, and deals with his boring life and weird co-workers with some booze. His boring life quickly changes to thrilling when he is asked by a detective to help in a criminal case. He is supposed give background information on a killer who embalms women while they’re still alive, and then dresses and poses them in places where the public can see them.

There’s a cat and mouse game between Jobz and the killer, as Jobz tries to figure out the pattern behind the killer’s victims. Jobz soon catches the attention of the embalmer. The killer decides to make him his last victim. Jobz is completely helpless when The Embalmer gets to him, and has no way to get himself out of the situation. Will he survive or will he be embalmed and posed like a piece of art?

The Embalmer is an amazing thriller that makes the reader really feel the characters’ emotions. The killer is Creepy and more hilarious than your typical murderer. I felt for Jobz when he finally found out that the killer is someone he knew all along. I really enjoyed the mind games that The Embalmer plays with his pursuers mostly with Jobz are intriguing. Steve struggles to figure out the clues left behind by The Embalmer through his victims. Finding the killer was thrilling and I enjoyed every second of it. I laughed and got angry and scared, and felt so many other feelings that Jobz was feeling throughout the book.

However, I wish the killer was scarier. I loved that he was a little amusing, but it would have added to the thrill of finding him if I found him a little more scary. The Embalmer is a book that has received a lot of accolades, and I feel like it deserves them all and many more. I also learned a lot about being a mortician, and enjoyed every page of this book.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I think the fact that The Embalmer was not as scary as I wished he’d be is no reason to deny this book the 4 stars it deserves. This is a great story. I learned a lot from it. I recommend this book to readers who love thrillers, and a good detective story. If you love one of those stories where there’s an unknown murderer who leaves patterns and clues, this is the perfect story for you. There a lot of suspense, humor and even romance involved. This Steve Jobz might not be a genius and his name might end with a z, but he will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and give you all the feels. Try him.

The Embalmer
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Post by LaurenHaupt »

Awe creepy! I'm glad you said some of it was funny because I was thinking maybe it was going to be to dark for me. I do like thrillers and I am very curious what happens to the cop now. Thank you.
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Post by Nma26 »

I would love to read this mind games the Embalmer played with his pursuers.Thanks for the wonderful review.
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Post by C-Extra22 »

Embalming people while they are still alive and posing them as a piece of art where people can see them sounds creepy. I'm not sure if I want to read this book.
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Post by Kinkini »

It is creepy and quite gory. The live dissection of a victim and the terrible convoluted mind of the perpetrator makes it even scarier. The cat and mouse chase between the detectives and the criminal is a nail-biting series of events.
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Post by Manali_DC »

I read and reviewed this book too. I absolutely loved Steve Jobz and I want to see him in a series of detective stories. However, I agree with you that the killer was not very scary and the clues were pretty straightforward-- I wish the mystery had more twists and turns!
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