Official Review: A Girl Like You by Michelle Cox

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Official Review: A Girl Like You by Michelle Cox

Post by katiesquilts »

[Following is an official review of "A Girl Like You" by Michelle Cox.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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In Chicago in the mid-1930s, Henrietta is working hard at a variety of jobs to support her mother and seven younger siblings. The money she brings in just never seems to be enough, so she is persuaded to work with her friend as a taxi dancer at a local dance hall. Not long after she starts working there, however, the floor matron is murdered and Henrietta's friend is one of the suspects.

Henrietta finds herself stuck smack-dab in the middle of the case despite knowing nothing of use. She even finds herself going undercover for Inspector Clive Howard, lured by the promise of twice the amount of money she made working as a taxi dancer. However, her new job is much more risque than dancing with strangers, and in her quest to impress the handsome inspector she finds herself in over her head.

A Girl Like You is Michelle Cox's debut fiction novel and is the first in the Henrietta and Inspector Howard series. Although it takes place in almost the same era as The Great Gatsby, don't expect extravagant parties and depression due to the fulfillment of the American dream. Cox writes only about the struggle and poverty of America's working class after the war, giving the book a completely different feel. However, her highly descriptive writing completely pulls you into the time period. In fact, her writing style was definitely my favorite part of the book, and was the element that really pulled everything together.

A Girl Like You is the perfect mix between Historical fiction, Romance, and murder mysteries. The characters are likable, if not a tiny bit stereotypical, and the story has perfect pacing. I only found a handful of errors throughout the entire book, and most of them were formatting and punctuation errors. They didn't detract from the book at all.

If I had to mention the book's weak points, they would definitely be the stereotypical characters and easily guessable plot. Also, some of the characters at Henrietta's new job are lesbians, and the author's descriptions of them bothered me more than anything else in the book. They were made out to be "disgusting" and their sexual harassment towards Henrietta was more detailed than that of the harassment from men. They were definitely not written in the best light, and I didn't see the need to villainize them even if lesbians were not readily accepted back in that time period.

Putting that aside, I really did enjoy the book and am looking forward to the next books in the series, although A Girl Like You was quite satisfying as a read-alone. I would like to give it 4 out of 4 stars and I would recommend it to fans of light mystery novels, historical novels, and romance. There are some mentions of sexual harassment and rape but nothing too explicit, so I would not recommend it to readers who are extremely sensitive to those situations.

A Girl Like You
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Dahmy 10
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Post by Dahmy 10 »

A book that touches on three genre, I have fallen in love with 'A girl like you' already. I am going for this.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts...

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Post by Cecilia_L »

I love mysteries, and I'm intrigued by the plot you described set in the thirties. Thanks for the recommendation!

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Post by kdstrack »

Sounds like an intriguing mystery. Thanks for an interesting and enjoyable review.

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Post by anneloretrujillo »

This sounds like an interesting book! I love this time period! It seems like a great mix of genres. Great job on the review!

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Post by Lunastella »

katiesquilts wrote:
15 Jul 2018, 03:15

A Girl Like You is the perfect mix between Historical fiction, Romance, and murder mysteries.
I really think this is the book I´ve been looking for!
I´m not a fan of stereotypical characters but the great pace and the very interesting plot and genre mix really make me want to take the day off just to read this from start to finish.
I do, however, dislike the portrayal of gays that you mention. I think I´d have to see for myself if it´s a timing thing (as you said, it was not accepted in that time period) or if it´s really uncalled for.
Thanks for a very interesting and honest review!

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Roc Madness
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Post by Roc Madness »

Thanks for your review. I don't really enjoy reading light mysteries. I need action in my plot.

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Post by OrlaCarty »

Is it just me or does this seem like the type of book that would translate really well onscreen and get a lot of Oscar nominations? It sounds like a great read, it's a pity about the weaknesses you mentioned.

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Post by Crainbow »

I think the author's emphasis on the lesbianism subject is justified as she probably intended portraying exactly how the subject was perceived by people of that era, as you mentioned, so it might not necessarily be the author personal views. I enjoy fiction and genre mix that form interesting stories similar to real life cases. Your review is definitely convincing. Well done.

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Post by Ekta Kumari »

I am intrigued about this book after reading your review. The plot seems quite mystifying and interesting. Thanks for the detailed review, though :tiphat:

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Post by gen_g »

I was actually interested in picking this up but my plate was full at that time. I'm glad that it seems like a great read, and I'm definitely placing this on my to-read list. Thanks for the wonderful review! (:

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Post by destinydollz »

It sounds very intriguing and I am a sucker for mysteries. I would really love to read it. I am definitely picking this as one of my free books, and I am excited! Thank you for the review !!!

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Post by kandscreeley »

Despite the few negatives, it sounds like this is a good book overall, especially with the four star rating. I'm curious about the death of the Matron already. I don't read a lot of books focused on this time period, so I'll have to give it some thought. Thanks for the information, though.
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Philemon igomu
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Post by Philemon igomu »

I love the book" a girl like you" by Michael cox. Simple words, easy to understand and clear layout.

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Post by bellaterrabooks »

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this book. It sounds like it is a good depiction of that time period, which is welcome as it allows the reader to become immersed in the story. Also, it is interesting to see a female character in a lead role in this novel. This is intriguing considering the fact that women had a complex role in society during the mid-1930s. While women were at times seen to have some role in some fields, they were also seen as the lesser sex as appears to be the case in some of the description that you gave in your review. Thus Henrietta walks the fine line between protecting her friend and securing her family’s future while still maintaining societal expectations. This book seems very captivating and a good start to a series.

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