Featured Official Review: The Bone Curse by Carrie Rubin

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Featured Official Review: The Bone Curse by Carrie Rubin

Post by katiesquilts » 04 Mar 2018, 03:17

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of "The Bone Curse" by Carrie Rubin.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Benjamin Oris is touring the catacombs of Paris with his friend Laurette when he finds himself inexplicably attracted to the centuries-old bones around him. Ignoring -- or unable to heed -- Laurette's pleas for them to turn around and leave, he touches a bone that somehow leaves him with a papule on his hand. He soon finds himself in over his head when he returns to Philadelphia and his medical internship. The mysterious papule isn't healing and his loved ones are dealing with what can only be called a curse. However, according to Laurette, Benjamin may be the one causing said curse.

The Bone Curse by Carrie Rubin pits a pragmatic medical student who looks for the logic in everything against the mysterious and inexplicable happenings of old, black magic. When people hear of Vodou (or voodoo) they usually think of Louisiana, but the novel takes place in Philadelphia, a completely fresh setting. Benjamin is strongly built character, sticking to his beliefs and not easily led astray despite the signs slapping him in the face.

I honestly had a great time with this novel. I enjoyed the way it sucked me into the world of Vodou and medical internships, Rubin's descriptive writing style allowed me to picture every single detail. I could hardly put the book down and sped through it in just a few days of reading to, from, and during work. Despite finishing it so quickly, I held off writing my review because I wasn't quite sure how to put into words how much I enjoyed the way Rubin tugged and tied the storyline together to make such a cohesive and enjoyable novel. I'm still not sure if my review will do it justice. However, I knew that I needed to give myself time to come down from the high of such an action-packed and fast-paced novel before starting another review. Even a well-written and fairly enjoyable novel would seem plain and dull compared to the memorable, heart-pounding world I had just come out of.

The Bone Curse was easily the best-edited book I've reviewed for Online Book Club so far. I couldn't find a sentence to tweak or make a suggestion on, much less an actual mistake. In fact, the only part of the novel that bothered me was that overall, the novel gave me slight anxiety after a while. It was so fast-paced and harrowing all the time. There was no time for the reader to calm down before the next big surprise, because even if the plot was calm, I found myself sympathizing with the ever-worsening physical and mental problems Benjamin was experiencing. I felt short of breath myself, and while that was slightly irritating when I finished my lunch break and had to get back to work, looking back it may have been part of what made the book so enjoyable for me.

I didn't have to think twice before giving Carrie Rubin's The Bone Curse 4 out of 4 stars. I love the world and characters she created. The Bone Curse is going to stick with me for a long time. Apparently it is the first in a series that is yet to be continued, but personally the plot wrapped up quite nicely and I definitely think that it could be a standalone work as well. I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys supernatural or medical thrillers, as it's a perfect mix of both. However, there are some highly descriptive scenes, so readers who get queasy at the thought of blood should probably stay away. I'm highly impressed by Carrie Rubin and will definitely be keeping an eye on her to see what she releases next.

The Bone Curse
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Post by cristinaro » 05 Mar 2018, 03:17

As you mentioned, black magic and medicine do not easily go hand in hand. From your review, the author seems to have done a great job in putting them together. Thank you!
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Post by Gerry_9 » 05 Mar 2018, 08:06

Seems quite entertaining

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Post by kandscreeley » 05 Mar 2018, 09:20

Ooh! I was intrigued from the beginning, starting with the book cover. It looks so unique. I think it's one that I'll definitely have to pick up as I want to know where this curse comes from and if he gets rid of it! Thanks so much!
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Post by literarycat » 05 Mar 2018, 09:25

I read this also through NetGalley though, and I couldn't agree more with this review. I thought the author did a great job mixing the two and describing everything.
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Post by ashley_claire » 05 Mar 2018, 09:57

This sounds like an entertaining, fast-paced book. Though voodoo isn't necessarily a new idea for a book, mixing it with a medical thriller sounds exciting. I'm also a sucker for the Paris catacombs, I can pretty much get onboard with anything that mentions them. Great job on the review!

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Post by kislany » 05 Mar 2018, 11:02

The review reminded me a bit of Robin Cook's medical thriller novels with I love. I'll have to pick this one up if I see it offered at OBC, as it sounds awesome.

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Post by prettysmart » 05 Mar 2018, 13:38

About to find out exactly why Laurette decided to accuse Benjamin of the said curse...Stimulating review!

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Post by Jkhorner » 05 Mar 2018, 16:05

If it truly has the best editing you've read on this site, that is high praise indeed! I would tend not to choose books that deal with curses and voodoo, but your description of its fast pace and interesting characters makes it much more appealing! Thank you for taking the time to think about it and give a thorough review!

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Post by Kat Berg » 05 Mar 2018, 17:00

Man! This hasn't even been published yet, but your review has me willing to pre-order it. I love books that you are sitting, anxiously awaiting a break from work so you can continue reading. This sounds like one of those and right down my alley. If only it was available on Audible :(, which is about the only way I have time to read books just for fun these days.

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Post by CommMayo » 05 Mar 2018, 20:07

This sounds like a really interesting book. I'm always happy to read a review when the reviewer emphatically gives the book four stars :-)

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Post by Sahani Nimandra » 05 Mar 2018, 20:22

I can see that you have clearly enjoyed this. Actually, black magic used as a twist to a plot is very interesting. I will definitely read this one! After all, voodoo and black magic are for real and their effects too. Very fascinating!
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Post by MsTri » 05 Mar 2018, 21:24

I love books with the occult and black magic and curses, and I'm intrigued by the idea of this one having a medical tie-in. I also really want to know if Benjamin is doing things on purpose, albeit subconsciously, or if he's a victim in all of this. Great job on introducing me to a book I can't wait to lay hands on!

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Post by Helois » 06 Mar 2018, 14:07

Wow, your review of The Bone Curse, makes me want to sit down and read it at once. I love books about the occult, magic and that mix it all in to a modern setting.
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Post by ostercl » 06 Mar 2018, 20:12

This book sounds fantastic - I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! There is nothing like an author who can tie together old myths with a new story. Great review - thank you for the suggestion

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