Official Review: The Good Fight by Dan E. Hendrickson

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Official Review: The Good Fight by Dan E. Hendrickson

Post by micoleon13 » 11 Feb 2018, 13:19

[Following is an official review of "The Good Fight" by Dan E. Hendrickson.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The Good Fight is the first book in The Last Enemy series by Dan E. Hendrickson. It is, at its heart, an action-crime novel. It includes not only corruption, pirates, and battles in international waters, but also the importance of family.

Danielle’s father, Commander Jacob Edwards, is known as the Hero of Cozumel due to his actions at sea years ago in response to a pirate attack on a cruise ship. Having grown up worshipping her father, Danielle is devastated when tragedy strikes. Struggling to cope, she takes solace in her dance company, taking time away from the family automotive business where there are too many memories.

However, these memories refuse to be left behind as she finds herself in the middle of an elaborate plot to destroy everything she holds dear. Will she be able to help save her family or will she lose everything?

Written in third person, the story mainly follows Danielle with some sections set in the past focused on Jacob. Danielle comes across as a determined young woman with a strong sense of honour and family. She’s a likeable character, not only because of her work with the children in her dance company but because she doesn’t fall into the category of a damsel in distress. There are many secondary characters and they are all portrayed realistically. One which I found especially well written was the character of Boris. Determined and cruel, he lets nothing come between him and his plans, not even family. This provides a nice contrast to Danielle’s character.

Set mainly in Texas and around the sea, there are a lot of nautical and naval references included in the writing. However, for someone like me who has no knowledge of the technical jargon associated with this, I found that, luckily, it never overwhelmed the story.

Several serious topics are brought up here such as murder, rape, physical and sexual abuse. Though these are difficult subjects, they were never depicted in a graphic or unnecessary manner which I appreciated as a reader.

The writing style was fast-paced and gripping right from the start and I found it difficult to put the book down. While the majority of the storyline was tied up by the end, there was a huge cliffhanger in the last chapter. This will lead in well to the next book in the series.

Unfortunately, there were many simple errors in the editing such as unnecessary hyphens and missing speech marks. These would easily be picked up with another edit. Due to this, I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. I enjoyed the story a lot more than I anticipated, and the plot was both solid and believable. I recommend this book to any readers who enjoy thriller or action based fiction, especially those with a fondness towards sea-based settings. I look forward to the next in the series.

The Good Fight
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Post by Sahani Nimandra » 13 Feb 2018, 06:04

Seems to be a challenging plot! Even though there were errors I hope it can be overlook, beside a prof-reading will do the trick. Like to add it in!
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Post by cristinaro » 13 Feb 2018, 06:20

Thank you for your review. I don't know why, but the book sounds too cliche-istic for me. Anyway, those who enjoy action fiction in particular may find it appealing.
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Post by kandscreeley » 13 Feb 2018, 08:30

I think it's wonderful when the author brings up serious topics such as you mention but yet does it in a delicate manner. Too bad about the errors, but it still sounds like it's worth a read! Thanks!
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Post by Bewa » 14 Feb 2018, 03:39

For action lovers The Good Fight is definitely the book to read. It is always amazing finding a book that captivates you from the start. Well done!

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Post by Kim41 » 19 Feb 2018, 15:06

It was a good book to read

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Post by DustinPBrown » 25 Feb 2018, 08:53

Sounds like a good book! Thanks for the well-written review!

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Post by Boydbunch » 25 Feb 2018, 23:10

Your review made it sound like a good book to read. I was initially thinking it would have too much nautical references that would go over my head. You have put my mind at ease. Glad to hear there isn't overt detail in the serious issues that take away from the story.

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Post by prettysmart » 02 Mar 2018, 15:42

Am a fan of energetic genres with a bustling story is much appreciated

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olatunji 5326
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Post by olatunji 5326 » 03 Mar 2018, 10:25

your review is good it makes feel like the book will be a very interesting book to read

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Post by gali » 23 Apr 2018, 07:06

An action-crime novel revolving around conspiracy, pirates, and battles on high seas sounds exciting. Too bad about the technical jargon, the naval references, and the lack of editing. I like sea-based settings, but don't care for cliffhangers. I am glad you enjoyed the book despite those issues. Thank you for the review!
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Post by Emberdreams222 » 23 Apr 2018, 07:12

I enjoyed this review's personal analysis of the characters. I tend to form an emotional bond with the protagonist, and it helps to know what I'm getting myself into :)

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Post by Scerakor » 23 Apr 2018, 07:19

A mysterious plane wreck involving the death of the U.S. Coast Guard hero known as "The Commander" starts off this book purported to be a fantastic mix of action, intrigue, syndicated crime, family relations, and romance. All this together definitely merits looking a bit closer at this exciting novel.

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Post by mingyums » 23 Apr 2018, 07:28

I love when the final book of a series comes out, as I like to read a series all in one good. This book sounds really thrilling and fast-paced throughout the series, so that's a good sign, looking forward to reading it!

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Post by asaltares » 23 Apr 2018, 07:31

I love action. Will give this book a try. I don't think the errors will make a difference if the story is good.

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