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Princewill Uchenna
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Review of The Mental Take Over

Post by Princewill Uchenna »

[Following is an official review of "The Mental Take Over" by Jon Scott Lee.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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With the emergence of advanced science and technology, we have entered a realm where the boundaries between humans and machines might be dissolving and the lines between creator and creation are blurring, leaving us to question who is really in control. "The Mental Takeover" by Jon Scott Lee plunges us into a world where the frontier of human consciousness is being reshaped by the relentless march of technological advancement. The book explores technology's potential and its possible negative impact if misused and abused.

Harold Hartright from Canada was frustrated with his lack of progress in AI technology and later joined up with Walter Woodford from the United States of America when he learned about the NOVA (Neuropathic Operative Visual Algorithm) system. Walter had a personal guard from the CIA named Lucille, whom he later got married to. After years of trying, Harold and Walter finally got the NOVA system to work, and Harold volunteered to be used to test the system and have a different persona within him known as Ivan Orlav. Unbeknownst to them, the NOVA system had been interfered with. Who could be behind this interference? What would be the consequences of this interference? How would it affect Lucille and her kids, Megan and Gavin, in the future? 

Dual identity and inner conflict typically refer to the internal struggle that occurs when an individual harbors two or more conflicting identities, beliefs, or personalities within themselves. This theme is explored and exemplified by the author through the character of Harold/Ivan, who embodies two distinct personalities. The conflict between these two identities raises questions about the duality of human nature as well as about free will and control. The struggle for dominance between Harold and Ivan serves as a metaphor for the internal conflicts many individuals face. The theme of technology and ethics is creatively displayed by the author, and it explores the delicate balance between technological advancements and their potential consequences for humanity.

The development and use of the NOVA system and AI allow readers to critically reflect on important ethical questions: Should scientific progress be prioritized over moral considerations? Who is accountable when AI makes decisions that have significant impacts? How much control should technology have over our personal lives? Can technological advancements have unforeseen effects that outweigh their benefits? Additionally, the author touches on the theme of the corrupting influence of ambition. This theme is exemplified through Ivan's character, who is driven by an insatiable ambition for power and control. His ruthless pursuit of dominance over The Collective and the NOVA system serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked ambition.

The plot is primarily set in the United States of America, with additional scenes taking place in Canada, Germany, and China. The book kicks off slowly, with many references to past events that ultimately provide context for the narrative. It's overall a good book, but it might have been better and easier for the average reader to read with a more chronological arrangement. I'll fully recommend this book to lovers of science fiction, and I'll rate it a 4 out of 5 because of this dislike I stated.

The Mental Take Over
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Mojisola Omowunmi Omotosho
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Post by Mojisola Omowunmi Omotosho »

I'm intrigued by 'The Mental Takeover' by Jon Scott Lee, which explores the ethical implications of AI and dual identity through its characters. The blend of technology and internal conflict seems compelling, though the non-linear storytelling approach might be challenging for some readers. It sounds like a thought-provoking read for fans of science fiction.
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Areena David
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Post by Areena David »

The review was written in an engaging and professional manner. This type of novel used to represent a distant future, and I mean the years we are living in now. Most of what was mentioned in the novels has become our reality, and this is frightening.
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Onuoha Joy
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Post by Onuoha Joy »

The theme of technology and ethics is creatively displayed by the author, and it explores the delicate balance between technological advancements and their potential consequences for humanity.
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Joy Stanley
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Post by Joy Stanley »

This book was well written and the message it passed was a good one. I hope more people come across the book
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