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Review of Born in a Storm

Post by Cristina-Ioana Toader »

[Following is an official review of "Born in a Storm" by Mark Carew.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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Born in a Storm by Mark Carew is a thrilling tale that masterfully blends action, suspense, and personal struggle. From the opening scenes of high-stakes missions to the intricate personal journeys of its characters, this novel promises to captivate readers with its dynamic storytelling and rich, immersive details.

The book follows the gripping adventures of its central characters through a web of action and discovery. The story begins with a shocking assassination tied to a breakthrough in clean energy technology, setting the stage for a broader narrative that spans years and continents. We are introduced to Lieutenant Mackenzie James, a fearless fighter pilot who witnesses mysterious, unidentified aerial phenomena and grapples with the moral complexities of his military missions. Parallel to Mack's story is that of Lucas Harding, a brilliant scientist whose groundbreaking research into zero-point energy makes him a target of powerful government forces determined to suppress his discoveries. As their paths intertwine, the narrative explores themes of resilience, the quest for truth, and the impact of visionary ideas on the future of humanity.

Another key character is Angelina Cohen, whose multifaceted nature significantly enhances the story and stands out as my favorite aspect of the book. She is marked by unquestioning loyalty, high motivation, extraordinary toughness, and intelligence. Despite her hard military training, her life was shaped by a tragic event—losing her mother in a bombing as a young child. Assigned to the Israeli security services, Angelina demonstrated exceptional resilience and determination, even enduring capture and torture in Syria. What she suffered went far beyond rational prisoner treatment, showcasing her incredible toughness and will to survive. I was struck by the hardships Angelina faced, and when a retribution opportunity arose, I was eager to see how things would unfold. My investment in her character's arc grew with each challenge she overcame, particularly her pursuit of justice and revenge. It also left a profound impression on me that such a strong female character would think of herself as 'damaged goods,' highlighting her complex and deeply human nature. This depth made her journey all the more compelling and memorable.

The book contains a significant amount of profanity, which might seem excessive to some readers, but I don't judge the author's stylistic choice and don't consider it a negative aspect, as it fits the narrative. However, there is a notable drawback: the text suffers from numerous grammatical issues, including problems with verb tenses, spacing, punctuation, and spelling. These errors occasionally detracted from my engagement with the narrative. While the content is appealing, it would benefit significantly from meticulous professional editing.

I recommend this book to readers who enjoy narratives brimming with suspense, military drama, and personal struggle. Those interested in themes of resilience, justice, and the pursuit of revolutionary ideas will find it particularly engaging. It will also appeal to fans of thrillers and those who appreciate strong, complex characters navigating intense challenges.

In conclusion, I rate Born in a Storm 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason for the deduction is the grammatical issues. Mark Carew has masterfully crafted a story with a writing style that is both light and direct, making the narrative flow effortlessly. The book is exhilarating and captivating without overwhelming the reader. I thoroughly enjoyed the intricate plot, well-developed characters, and the brisk pace of the action. Additionally, the blend of scientific intrigue and the unyielding quest for groundbreaking concepts added a fascinating layer to the story.

Born in a Storm
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Post by David Awunor »

I'm sorry you didn't like the profanity, However, the book sounds fun. Nice review!
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This book is a thrilling and captivating read that expertly balances complexity with clarity. I was thoroughly enthralled by the intricate plot, well-crafted characters, and the rapid pace of the action. The seamless blend of scientific intrigue and the relentless pursuit of innovation adds a fascinating dimension to the story, making it a truly compelling read.
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