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Latest Review: The Caribbean Sedition by Oscar Ortiz

Review of The Caribbean Sedition

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[Following is an official review of "The Caribbean Sedition" by Oscar Ortiz.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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The Caribbean Sedition by Oscar Ortiz is an incredibly intense spy thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I'm finding it difficult to articulate just how much this book captivated me. It's a book that delivers action, secrets, betrayal, romance, anticipation, curiosity, and everything you'd expect from a great spy thriller. It's admirable how much satisfaction this concise book can offer. It's a remarkable piece that has the power to draw you in and immerse you in its enthralling and twisted plot.
This book is part of the series written by the author named "Code Name Delta," featuring our protagonist, Patrick Coonan, also known as Agent Delta, a U.S. Rangers' sniper turned clandestine operator for the Quadrille—the sharp counter-intelligence unit led by Ret. Special Forces Colonel Marlon Berkowitz, now operating as CI5. Colonel Berkowitz is Patrick's immediate superior. This book is the fourth in the series, starring Patrick Coonan alongside his new partner, Jessica, also known as Agent Phi, an intelligence analyst hired by the Colonel. In this story, Colonel Berkowitz sends Patrick and Jessica on a tough mission: to stop two dangerous Russian mobster brothers, Oleg and Terek Otrovsky, from running a big money-laundering scheme in Aruba. Their job is to eliminate the brothers and some of their relevant men and shut the business down for good. But things get complicated when they find out more than they bargained for, facing unexpected challenges and a big betrayal. As they deal with twists and danger, readers are in for an exciting ride full of action and suspense.
The aspect that I admire and which truly deserves praise is the author's attention to detail. The author described every character with the utmost clarity. From their profession to their body features, every single detail was very thoroughly described, giving me a clear picture of what the characters look like and helping me have a vivid imagination of the story. To me, it's a very important thing to have in a book because it enhances the reading experience to another level. Additionally, the plot itself is super captivating. Once you start delving into it, you can't stop. It'll completely grab your attention until you hit the end. It gave me an adrenaline rush, and I was enthralled to discover more and more about what Patrick had to face next. The author kept the praise and review section at the start of the book brief, which I appreciate because I've read books before with lengthy review sections that just exhausted me instead of getting me excited to delve into the book. But I'm glad it's not the case with this book.
Furthermore, the author's skills to write a full, action-packed story in such a concise book are truly commendable. I liked that the author also added a little romance to the thrilling tale by creating a steamy relationship between Patrick and Jessica. There is also a touch of sarcastically funny remarks we get to see, which adds a little humor to the mix. Moreover, we have a small introduction of each character at the start of the book, which helped me proceed with the story without interruption because this book has lots of Russian characters whose names are super complicated and hard to pronounce. So having an introduction beforehand was helpful. As you come to the end, you find yourself feeling this unexplainable anticipation about what the outcome will be because the climax is super unpredictable. On the very last page, the author finished it with an emotional moment between Patrick and the Colonel, which truly touched my heart. It was honestly a great experience for me to explore this book.
I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of reading this book, finding nothing to dislike. However, it's worth mentioning that it contains curse words and violence (including killing, death, and gun use), which may concern some readers. Although generally well-edited, I noticed a few errors. Additionally, there are two or three instances of offensive language directed at a Muslim character, which may deeply offend those with strong religious beliefs. Therefore, while it is suitable for most readers, I advise against it for Muslim individuals sensitive to such content and who deeply respect their religion.
In conclusion, this book was an exciting read for me, living up to my expectations. I rate it 4 out of 5. The slight deduction is due to the errors and offensive tone used. Despite not impacting me personally, I suggest the author use more considerate phrasing. I recommend it to mature readers who enjoy spy thrillers and captivating tales. I anticipate exploring other books in the series, as this one left a lasting impression on me.

The Caribbean Sedition
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