Review by TValliere -- The Expansion by Christoph Martin

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Latest Review: "The Expansion" by Christoph Martin

Review by TValliere -- The Expansion by Christoph Martin

Post by TValliere » 12 Jul 2017, 23:46

[Following is a volunteer review of "The Expansion" by Christoph Martin.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Author: Christoph Martin

Expansion is a book about a British Engineer named Max Burns who receives the opportunity of a lifetime from an old friend whom he hasn’t seen or spoken to in twenty years. Max is offered a chance to work on the Panama Canal Expansion, to design how he would expand the canal in the best way possible. Winning the bid isn’t the only thing that Max needs to worry about, his girlfriend left him when he decided to go to Panama and his old friend Godfredo and his father Paco may not be on the up and up. All Max can think about is the expansion and the engineering aspects what he doesn’t know is that the American conservatory will do anything to win and why everyone is worried about the Chinese. Everything else that seems to be going on around Max and the Canal Expansion he assumes shouldn’t concern him but for some reason he always seems to be at the center of the controversy. Max finds himself on a mission to find the answers that could very well end up being life or death.

Expansion pulled me in almost immediately and I would give it 4 out of 4 stars. I’m trying to think of parts of the book that I did not enjoy or I would like to change which is a task. I liked that the book had me constantly trying to figure out what is going to happen next. Christoph Martin also gives you just enough background on each of the characters who the reader will meet so to not become confused but still intrigued and guessing. Expansion will keep you on your toes and thinking about what will happen next as each chapter goes by as well as change course through each part trying to throw the reader off.

To be as honest as possible without giving away key parts of the book there wasn’t much of the book I didn’t like. As a reader, you obviously don’t like every character you read about but you come to understand everyone has their role. If I had to think of one thing that upset me was that I don’t know if there will be a second book creating a series or if readers will be left always wondering what next?

I gave this book a 4 out of 4 rating, because I feel that it was professionally edited and was thoroughly enjoyable. Expansion has you thinking deeper trying to solve the case yourself before the author can give you the information. If I cannot put the book down and feel like I am on the ride that Max, Fredo, and Karis are on that convinces me of the rating it deserves.

I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy books about conspiracy and drama. Someone who wants to be on the edge of their seat for over 250 pages would not want to put this book down. Readers who enjoy books by authors like Dan Brown and the suspense his books bring forth would enjoy Expansion by Christoph Martin. If you like books that give you just enough information that can keep you guessing you would enjoy this book.

I do not recommend this book to readers who would not enjoy a good conspiracy book. Readers who do not want to think about the lengths governments will go to get what they desire would also not enjoy a book like Expansion. Although, if you enjoy this type of book take into consideration that it seems to end in a cliffhanger with no foreseeable next book as of now.

The Expansion
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Latest Review: "The Expansion" by Christoph Martin

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love Dan
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Post by love Dan » 24 Jul 2017, 14:07

Nice one

-- 24 Jul 2017, 14:50 --


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Post by Anirudh Badri » 27 Jul 2017, 17:15

I like complex plots so this book seems interesting. On the other hand, I hate waiting years for a long awaited sequel, so I guess I will wait and see. Thanks for the review!
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Linus Kimomboi
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Post by Linus Kimomboi » 31 Jul 2017, 23:33

Nothing captures my attention than the deep excitement of the reviewer TValliere to the Verge of repeating vherself. Judging by this, I think The Expansion is a very interesting book to read.

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Post by Izesicle » 01 Aug 2017, 17:38

This is interesting that it includes conspiracies. However, I would not like reading a book with a cliffhanger ending.

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Post by shish_by_design » 02 Aug 2017, 02:21

I have to agree with you. I could not put the book down either until i'd finished it. And I tried to solve the story before the author solved it for me but all my guesses were off.I couldn't ask for a better thriller. This one was off the charts.
Latest Review: "For Beau" by Simon Gandossi

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Post by aussiebooklover » 03 Aug 2017, 14:05

Great review! Many thanks!

Titus Michael
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Post by Titus Michael » 05 Aug 2017, 23:02

Initially I felt confused when I first looked at the book, thinking it won't be interesting. But your review made it just so easy to understand even more.

-- 05 Aug 2017, 23:03 --

Its really a great review.

-- 05 Aug 2017, 23:05 --

Am so sure I will enjoy my reading now. Thanks.

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Post by Ezekielafog12 » 19 Feb 2018, 02:05

The Expansion is a very
interesting book,because your
review made it just so easy to me understand even more,God bless you

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Post by blsprm » 03 Sep 2018, 19:25

atleast the nature of expansion have being created to the viewers and autors,Thanks.

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