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Review of Tiger's Tail 2

Post by Mayang Bature »

[Following is an official review of "Tiger's Tail 2" by Alexis Poe.]
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3 out of 5 stars
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Alexis Poe, a psychiatrist on vacation, narrates "A Tiger's Tail 2: The Cracks (Intrigue)," which was written by an author of the same name. Alexis had a crush on David Reynolds, who was staying at the same hotel as her, and invited him to hear his story twice in a row. The second night, he told this story.

David Reynolds seemed to have it all: success, wealth, and women. One woman in particular stood out, and she and David had a connection. They called her "mystery girl" or "Enigma," and despite his admission that he had multiple women, she fell hard for him. Mystery girl's soft, childlike, angelic features disguised a darker side that landed her in prison, and David paid her no visits while she was there. That triggered a chain of events, from her prison escape to her elaborate sinister plan to protect and reunite with David. Given her history, will David and the other women around him be safe from this jealous enigma?

I enjoyed the suspense and thrill of this book from the beginning. It was interesting to watch Enigma's movements and predict what she would do next. Because she was obsessed with David, everything she did felt like a typical jealous woman with her abilities would. She was capable of breaking and entering, stalking, and even outright blackmail and torture. She was intelligent, and the book reflected that. The extent of her plans showed she was one step ahead of the police and was familiar with all of their protocols. Enigma could walk into a station full of police officers looking for her, and no one would know. I was not comfortable with it at first, but the explanation for some of these spectacular acts near the end was satisfactory. She lived up to her reputation, and I learned why David was afraid of her as he told Alexis the story. The full mystery of who this mystery girl was, why she was so smart, and how she was able to do everything she did kept me glued to this novel, eager to finish it.

I found it unsettling, however, that David could recall every previous dialogue verbatim. I could not get my head around someone remembering all those details casually. This story could spark a conversation about minor issues, which could drag on for a while, and I found it tiresome to read. At some point, discussing the extent of David’s game became tiring and warranted an eye roll. Also, some things Enigma did were borderline superhuman and were just overlooked. Finally, I found it unsettling that David described men in such great detail, noticing minor details even more than he did for women. I could not simply reconcile that with the fact that he was straight.

The latter part of the book was enjoyable, with plenty of action and thrills, but I did not like the slow pace leading up to it. The drawbacks listed above were minor details that could be overlooked, but the plot relied on them a lot. The numerous errors I discovered further reduced the book's appeal. As a result, I rate "A Tiger's Tail 2" a 3 out of 5.

I enjoyed the book's plot, which revolved primarily around the mystery woman, as well as the movie-style action. I also appreciated that, despite the large number of women in the story, female chauvinism was not exploited. People who enjoy mystery stories with clever antagonists will love this one. David’s sexual exploits were described in detail, so I think this would be more appropriate for mature audiences.

Tiger's Tail 2
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Azaz Raja
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Post by Azaz Raja »

This review offers a detailed examination of "A Tiger's Tail 2: The Cracks (Intrigue)" by Alexis Poe. It praises the suspenseful plot and intriguing antagonist while noting concerns about certain aspects of believability. Despite some drawbacks, the reviewer finds the novel enjoyable and recommends it to fans of mystery with clever antagonists.
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Post by NetMassimo »

Despite the flaws you pointed out, this seems like an engaging thriller. Considering the errors in the novel, I think some polishing that includes proofreading and cutting some useless bits might significantly improve it. Thank you for your honest review!
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Donald Cecil Hufstedler
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Post by Donald Cecil Hufstedler »

Based on the review, "A Tiger's Tail 2: The Cracks (Intrigue)" seems to be a gripping mystery novel with a suspenseful plot centered around a clever antagonist. The reviewer enjoyed the thrill and suspense, as well as the movie-style action. However, they found some minor issues, such as unrealistic dialogue recall and overlooked superhuman actions. The slower pace leading up to the action-packed ending and the numerous errors reduced the book's appeal. Despite these drawbacks, the reviewer rates the book a 3 out of 5 and recommends it to those who enjoy mysteries with clever antagonists.
Saliha Hussain
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Post by Saliha Hussain »

This review provides a thorough analysis of "A Tiger's Tail 2: The Cracks (Intrigue)" by Alexis Poe, commending its suspenseful storyline and captivating antagonist while expressing reservations about certain elements of realism. Despite these concerns, the reviewer still finds the book enjoyable and suggests it to readers who appreciate mysteries featuring cunning antagonists. Thankyou for your review
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