Official Review: Blood of your Blood by Reza Ali

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Official Review: Blood of your Blood by Reza Ali

Post by Momlovesbooks » 18 Apr 2017, 10:04

[Following is an official review of "Blood of your Blood" by Reza Ali.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Blood of Your Blood is the author's first novel. It is a vampire love story and a fantasy adventure set during the time of kings and knights. Rena Ali is a creative writer with a quote that sticks in my mind. "The imagination is the playground of the soul".

This story is set during the fifteenth century in England. King Henry is ruler during this period of history. The knights of King Henry fight a rebellion during the day and a secret war at night. The Knights of the Five Badge of Nottinghamshire fight a bloody war against a clan of vampires that have become entrenched in their society for hundreds of years.

Sir Jamie Lawrence is the bravest and most skilled knight of the group. However, he meets the beautiful princess Sofia and everything he believes to be true is challenged. After falling in love with her and pledging to be her protector, he discovers her dark secret that is tied to his past.

This is one of the most captivating fantasy adventures I have read in a while. The author is creative and emotional. He depicts an exciting world that fits right in with that period of history. The writing is very descriptive, and at times, graphic in detail. However, the graphic fight scenes were necessary to the storyline. The plot and language are easy to follow. I felt drawn into the world of the knights by the vivid pictures the author creates through his writing style.

The characters feel like "flesh and blood" characters with developed backgrounds and a full range of varying emotions. The hero, Sir Jamie Lawrence, is a strong and courageous knight. He faithfully serves his king. He is placed in uncharted territory and faces difficult choices. Sofia is a strong female who has endured great tragedy in her life. The vampire characters range from cruel, demonic creatures of the night to more "humanized" ones that want to blend into society.

The love story, that is woven throughout the adventure, is one of the most poetic stories I have read. The love between Sir Jamie and Sofia jumps off the pages of this book. It is evident that they are truly soul mates.

The only thing that was slightly distracting to me was the author's use of including a character's thoughts at the end of a spoken conversation. At first, I enjoyed it and thought it was a creative aspect, but then it seemed to be overused. Other than my personal preference on that matter, I don't have anything negative to say. The book appears to be professionally edited. I rate this 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys history, romance, adventure and vampires. I hope there is a sequel to read soon.

Blood of your Blood
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Post by Amagine » 18 Apr 2017, 22:35

I think I just found my new quote, "The imagination is the playground of the soul." Sorry that I'm stealing it from you! Lol

Great Review!?
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Post by kandscreeley » 19 Apr 2017, 09:10

I love that this includes vampires as well as being set during medieval times. Two of my favorite things. Sounds like a good story. Thanks for a wonderful review!
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Post by Phoenix9999 » 26 Apr 2017, 03:26

It truly sounds like a book, I'd be very happy to read, cover to cover, with no breaks in between, thank you for your review!..

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Post by christinac_2585 » 26 Apr 2017, 16:48

Awesome Review! I love vampire stories and this one I could definitely read. I like when these types of stories have a uniqueness to them and I don't think I have read one with knights. I'm very interested to say the least!!
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Post by gali » 29 Apr 2017, 05:44

"A vampire love story and a fantasy adventure" to boot? Count me in! Sounds like a refreshing tale, so I will check it out. Congratulations to the author for the positive review! Oh, and I also loved the quote, "The imagination is the playground of the soul."
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Post by hsimone » 29 Apr 2017, 05:53

Wow, this sounds like an amazing tale about knights, vampires, and love! And a captivating fantasy? Who can deny that? I can see how tiring it can be when thoughts of a character are described right after dialogue, but I'm glad that you were able to enjoy the read regardless. Congratulations to the author for receiving such a positive review!
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Post by tarafarah7 » 29 Apr 2017, 06:33

What a great review! Thanks for your helpful input! This sounds like a book for all the vampire lovers out there! And, I see it is the author's first! What a success! Congratulations on the outstanding review, Reza Ali! I have dowloaded my copy, and I am very much looking forward to reading it. Thank you! :-)

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Post by micoleon13 » 29 Apr 2017, 09:49

Good review, this sounds like a great read. I like the vampire genre but having it set in a different era certainly makes for an interesting spin. Thanks

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Post by Cool careless » 29 Apr 2017, 09:58

You have written a great review. And it was so creative and went deep into explanation and am just speechless at you review. Thank you so much and i love the story.

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Post by Lolly_Reader » 29 Apr 2017, 10:01

Just for the record, this book is neither available nor free outside of the U.S. Amazon site. A pity, as the review looks interesting.

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Post by NerdGirl91 » 29 Apr 2017, 10:02

This sounds amazing! It has all my favorite elements! A little supernatural, some romance, and use of one one my favorite time periods! Can't wait to read it!
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Post by ZenaLei7 » 29 Apr 2017, 10:07

You did a great job on the review! This seems like the type of book that I would enjoy and I'm definitely adding it to my reading list.
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Post by truebookaddict » 29 Apr 2017, 10:23

I'm intrigued by historical fiction and vampires..and the era of Henry VIII is always captivating for me. Looking forward to checking this one out. Thanks for your insightful review!
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Post by mindyg123 » 29 Apr 2017, 10:24

Great review. A novel of love, vampires, historical fiction and knights is just my cup of tea. I can't wait to read it. Thanks for making it free and congrats on being BOTD.
Mindyg123 :techie-studyingbrown:

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