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Review by somnium -- Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole

This forum is for volunteer reviews by members of our review team. These reviews are done voluntarily by the reviewers and are published in this forum, separate from the official professional reviews. These reviews are kept separate primarily because the same book may be reviewed by many different reviewers.

Review by somnium -- Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole

Post Number:#1 by somnium
» 29 Mar 2017, 13:52

[Following is a volunteer review of "Raven's Peak" by Lincoln Cole.]

Book Cover
4 out of 4 stars
Review by somnium
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Abigail is a demon hunter who has suffered a major setback in her career, and she is determined to make up for her past mistakes no matter how high the cost. But there are obstacles in her path to redemption. On the one hand, she has lost the respect of the Council: an international organization tasked with keeping mankind safe from the nightmares few people believe in. These days they don’t even trust Abigail to accomplish the most benign task.

However, the Council itself has its own problems. Beset by political dysfunction and dithering, the organization finds itself on a fragile defense against an opportunistic evil brewing at the heart of Raven’s Peak. Several hunters and innocent civilians have already died or have gone missing, and Abigail is given the chance to investigate.

On the other hand, is Haatim: a down and out Theology graduate and unemployed blogger who has lost his faith in God. All Haatim wants is to get away from his family, a chance to turn his life around and finally make some money along the way. When a mysterious man gives him a simple job with the promise of good pay, Haatim takes it. Unbeknownst to Haatim, it will plant him right onto the path of a dangerous adventure he didn’t expect. He’s way out of his element, way over his head and has somehow gotten himself glued to Abigail’s side.

Raven’s Peak by Lincoln Cole is a mystery/horror/thriller type fiction that isn’t just about fighting demons (Cole has a talent of making fight scenes easy to follow. It’s as if you’re watching a movie). Abigail and Haatim have their own inner conflicts to deal with, and their experiences throughout the story help them to learn and change along the way.

I give this story a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. I couldn’t bring myself to only give it 3 stars because it’s a page turner from start to finish. Most books have a lot of introduction to read though before you get to the good stuff. Not so with Raven’s Peak. I like how every chapter moves the plot, rounds out the characters, or brings the reader one step closer to solving the mystery. The descriptive details are nicely done without being overbearing. This is not a book for the squeamish because there are quite a few gory details peppered throughout the story. People who like strong female characters that kick butt and takes names, will definitely enjoy this book.

Raven's Peak
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