Official Review: Trojan by David L Wallace

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Re: Official Review: Trojan by David L Wallace

Post by sirholy » 16 Jun 2017, 15:49

the author

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Kelebogile Mbangi
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Post by Kelebogile Mbangi » 16 Jun 2017, 15:55

Thank you for your review, it's really well written. When I read the sample, the prologue was quite violent for my taste, but reading on despite that proved to be rewarding. You mentioned that some of the themes speak to the humanity of the reader and lead to a self introspection, that sounds like a worthy read.
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Post by Acwoolet » 16 Jun 2017, 16:02

I Wasn't sure if I'd like this type of book, but your review made it sounds really good. It definitely sounds like a worth while read. Thanks for the great review!

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Ashley Nestler
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Post by Ashley Nestler » 16 Jun 2017, 16:17

Thank you so much for your lovely review! It is nice to see how positive a reading experience you had :)
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Post by Kdonegan91 » 16 Jun 2017, 16:26

Fantastic review! I am not a fan of political or conspiracy novels, so I do not believe this book is for me. However, I am glad you enjoyed it!
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Post by micoleon13 » 16 Jun 2017, 16:37

Great review. I've only read the sample but it's immediately apparent that it's well written and action packed, I'm glad that it continues in the same way.

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Post by alwaysdaddygirl » 16 Jun 2017, 16:38

Grabs your attention from the start. Only read the sample. Has my interest for it isdealing with computers but with a twist. ???
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Post by RLDent82 » 16 Jun 2017, 16:55

I don't often pick up thrillers but I do love books about real people. After reading your review I will break out of my normal trend and give this one a shot.

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Post by MandalynnJDG » 16 Jun 2017, 17:03

Thanks for the review. From the sound of your review, it seems like you quite thoroughly enjoyed the book! It does sound like it covers every aspect of a mystery/thriller type of book and I am sure many would love the excitement that the book brings.

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Post by GCamer » 16 Jun 2017, 17:28

The themes of the book, both central and hidden, sounds very interesting. The plot is quite relevant today. I can imagine this being made into a blackbuster. Thanks for the great review.
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Post by Bandersnatch » 16 Jun 2017, 17:28

Great review! I would read this, it sounds really intriguing and I like that it actually has some really meaningful messages.
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Post by AA1495 » 16 Jun 2017, 17:40

I usually prefer romance books, but I'm glad that you enjoyed reading this book. Thank You for the great review.

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Belynda White
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Post by Belynda White » 16 Jun 2017, 18:09

From your review, it's very obvious you love the book. I'll take a look at it too. Great review!
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Post by mratdegraff91 » 16 Jun 2017, 18:11

Excellent review! I really enjoyed your comparison to the Iliad at the start. It gives one a different view of what to expect from the book. Thank you for sharing.
Madison Degraffenreid

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Anirudh Badri
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Post by Anirudh Badri » 16 Jun 2017, 18:12

Great review! I enjoy reading fast paced page-turners when I want a comfort book to read between much more complex stories, and I especially enjoy stories involving a grand conspiracy. Will check this one out.
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