Official Review: Trojan by David L Wallace

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Katherine Smith
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Re: Official Review: Trojan by David L Wallace

Post by Katherine Smith » 16 Jun 2017, 13:56

I like your review and it is obvious that you thoroughly enjoyed the book. I am very interested in this type of story because it sounds like something that I would like. I like the theme of the Trojan Horse and how many books have used this concept in many spy thrillers.
Latest Review: "Whisky tango foxtrot...copy" by John regan

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Post by Thobiy » 16 Jun 2017, 13:59

Being my First day on onlinebook, i like this book review and i am adding it to my shelve, i can't wait to read it, going ahead to read it. Nice story fill with lot of intrigues

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Post by Millietshiroh » 16 Jun 2017, 14:08

Love the conspiracy .great review .congrats to the righter

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Spirit Wandering
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Post by Spirit Wandering » 16 Jun 2017, 14:11

I liked your observation that the author writes about the idea that every person has both merits and flaws. Most of us are more complicated than others realize. Thanks for the review.
Interested in books that help one's spirit move beyond the ordinary.

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Post by ZenaLei7 » 16 Jun 2017, 14:23

I like that there are hidden themes in this book. I think I would enjoy reading this book. Great job on the review.
“The only important thing in a book is the meaning that it has for you.” - W. Somerset Maugham

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Post by CrescentMoon » 16 Jun 2017, 14:24

Sounds like an exciting book that delves into important themes. Great review!
Latest Review: "Letorian Descendants- Casey Blane Series (Book 1)" by Jodi Ann Fahey

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carlton koome
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Post by carlton koome » 16 Jun 2017, 14:29

Nice review of the book, it really looks like a must read book, its full of excitement amd personally can't wait to read the book. Talking of thriller, relationships and betrayal and more so connectivity to the modern day and ancient times it has all this on lock has hidden themes that keeps on urging one to read more.Really its great book by david Wallace.

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Post by klbradley » 16 Jun 2017, 14:33

Based on these comments I'm seeing, it seems as though several have enjoyed this political thriller! Nice work on the review!
Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. :techie-studyingbrown:
–Vera Nazarian

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Doris Naitore Nteere
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Post by Doris Naitore Nteere » 16 Jun 2017, 15:03

Great review it was a continuous fight where army turn back

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Post by christinac_2585 » 16 Jun 2017, 15:07

Thank you for the review. I'm interested in the hidden themes within the story. The book sounds like a fast paced story that will leave a reader intrigued.
"Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home."
- Anna Quindlen
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Post by Celticlady » 16 Jun 2017, 15:11

This book sounds exciting and my kind of book to read. I enjoy stories that have a lot of action and written well! Thank you for the review!

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Kells View
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Post by Kells View » 16 Jun 2017, 15:19

Seems interesting and thrilling from your review and the sample I read but somewhat it's just one of other same stories of a movie like(just a thought) bt wud love to read it... Gud luck

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Post by Lennycat » 16 Jun 2017, 15:23

Thanks for the great review! I enjoyed your retelling of the tale of Odysseus and how you wove it into your review of Trojan. It sounds like an exciting read indeed. I look forward to reading this one myself.

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Post by truebookaddict » 16 Jun 2017, 15:27

This sounds like an exciting book. I love what you pointed out about the main character...his seeing everyone as a person, no matter their faults. That is a refreshing detail. Great review!
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Jeyran Main
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Post by Jeyran Main » 16 Jun 2017, 15:41

I really like that Patriotism, integrity, and love of family are central to the concept of the book.
Latest Review: "Stalking The Shadows" by BJ Edwards

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