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Grace Lee Rose
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Latest Review: The Glen by Michele A Mclintock

Review of The Glen

Post by Grace Lee Rose »

[Following is an official review of "The Glen" by Michele A Mclintock.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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The Glen is a fiction book by Michele A McLintock. The Slaughs and the Seelies occupied the Glen, home to bizarre deaths. The Seelies, being the good species, hated evil and, as such, distanced themselves from whoever embodied it. There were themes of domestic abuse, rape, and bias. 

Susan Fulton experienced supernatural episodes in her childhood, which her parents, Mike and Linda Fulton, took lightly. This didn't stop, and because of it, her parents divorced. Susan grew older, married Davie, and had a child, Fiona. Susan went through domestic abuse, and the Glen became her happy place. Her pure aura attached the Seelies to her, making them grant her wishes. Susan contacted COVID when it broke out. She, however, survived it, as she had an important task to do. She built the faerie village and spent time with the Seelies. Mark, Jamie, Sean, Carla, and Zara, four teenagers who went to the Glen Park to spend some time, saw and destroyed the faerie village. Susie saw them and chased them away. Carla, Mark, and Jamie, unable to contain the incident, spread the false news that she was a witch. This had a ripple effect. Even after some time had passed, her neighbors used the incident to judge and treat her harshly. Unbeknownst to them, mistreating Susan had dire consequences.

On the other hand, Josie Devin's jealousy caused the deaths of three girls: Fiona Gorrie, Mirrin MacSween, and Bonnie Lyndsey. She accused them of practicing witchcraft. However, before Mirrin died, she cursed Josie's bloodline. John O’Devlin, a descendant of Josie, had an affair with Angie, a policewoman. His girlfriend, Michelle Henderson, reported this incident to Angie's partner, Jimmy High Tower. Jimmy didn't take it lightly, and the events that followed led to the demise of John. John's death began fulfilling the curse directed at Josie's lineage. The Seelies tried to end the curse. Would they be successful?

The opening chapter, which depicted the nature of the Glen, gave me a soothing feel, immediately immersing me in the narrative. I liked that the narrative wasn't fast-paced. The events rolled out gradually with each of the characters being introduced. I found it excellent that the characters had good backstories, which allowed readers to relate to them. I appreciated that the author didn't incorporate any unnecessary characters, which might have dulled the narrative. I thought highly of the fact that Susan's mother encouraged her to walk out of her abusive marriage. This enlightened readers that marriage isn't a do-or-die affair. If it doesn't work out, the appropriate action is to walk away.

It was heartbreaking that Susan's parents didn't heed her pleas about the ghost frequently disturbing her at night during her childhood. If they had listened to her requests, they might have prevented what happened later. Susan was a typical example of someone who doesn't repay evil with evil. When she met the Slaugh, she treated him and made sure he was comfortable so that he would heal. Even after discovering his nature, her attitude didn't change as she continued caring for him. This action gave me a serene feeling. Another character I found worth commending was Sergeant James Earshman. I admired his courage. When he was told someone named Miss Alma had arranged for a meeting at the park gates in the middle of the night, he didn't become afraid. Instead, he agreed to meet up with her. This made me take a liking to him.

I'll rate this book five out of five stars because I wasn't upset with any element. The plot was also excellently executed, and my interest was retained throughout reading it. I noted only two errors, which show it was professionally edited. I recommend The Glen to fans of novels with a paranormal bent. 

The Glen
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Post by ElinaT »

It looks like there are a lot of characters in this book. I wonder if readers are able to keep up with the story? Thanks for a great review noenethelss!
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Post by Oluchi23 »

From your review i discovered the effect of Susan Fulton's nonchalant attidue on her because if they had been serious with their daughter's predicament, she wouldn't have entered into domestic abuse
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