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Ejimma Chika Promise
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Review of The Unraveling

Post by Ejimma Chika Promise »

[Following is an official review of "The Unraveling" by JP Franklinn.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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The Unraveling by JP Franklinn focuses on Kyle Stone, who is married to Suzette and has two kids. He runs a company, and David is his vice. While Kyle was at his favorite restaurant discussing with Jim, two gentlemen approached him and asked him to follow them to a limousine waiting outside the restaurant. He refused at first but followed them after a gun was pointed at him. Meanwhile, he discovered that Howard, Kyle's franchisee, was planning a conspiracy with his partner in Chicago, Peter, to take over Kyle's company. Kyle consulted David for advice on how to stop the conspiracy. Then he decided to explore the advice he had received from David. Will he succeed? Where were they taking Kyle to? Will he be able to salvage his company? These are questions you will get answers to when you read this engaging book.

There were a lot of lessons I learned from this book. I like the persona of Kyle. He is very sensitive and listens to the opinions of others. Persons that find themselves in such a position as Kyle are usually bossy and don't care about other people's opinions. That is not the case with Kyle; he listens to everyone, down to the cleaner of his company. Listening to people has a way of making them feel valued and important.

Also, Kyle depicted the character of a good manager. He knows how to treat his employees and his subordinates. Anytime he gives an assignment to his subordinates, he gives them the autonomy to carry it out themselves and gives an appraisal afterward. This is better than exerting so much control over an employee. This will reduce the initiative of such an employee. Despite several betrayals he got, especially from those close to him, he never stopped being good and kindhearted.

Some of the abbreviations used in the book, especially at the beginning, were not given their full meaning so that the reader could properly understand and follow the flow. For instance, an abbreviation like LZ did not prevent me from enjoying the book. This implies that there was nothing I disliked about the book. The author arranged the pace at which the story progressed so well that I was so engrossed and eager to know the outcome of the next scene.

I found only one error in this book, which shows that it was professionally edited. As a result, I will give it a rating of five out of five stars. I could not deduct any stars because I enjoy every bit of it, and there is no reason to do so. I will recommend this book to anyone interested in owning a company because they will learn the challenges and hurdles that come with it and avoid them.

The Unraveling
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Post by Villemon »

It's really a very interesting book to read and lots of lessons to learn since Kyle is depicted to be sensitive and always listens to other people's opinions. The book is professionally edited and I recommend it to anyone who loves books
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Post by NetMassimo »

This seems like an engaging corporate thriller that shows the kind of intrigue that can happen when there's a fight to take control of a company. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
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Post by Aan Granados »

This seems like a mystery with Kyle on the forefront. From Amazons description and your review it seems that Kyle is a great successful guy even though he grew up with practically nothing.
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Post by Hazel Mae Bagarinao »

Suzette and Maryann's fighting scene was off-putting. It was embarrassing. I'm curious how Kyle handles the insecurities of his wife, Suzette that she is in trouble with girls. A lot of interesting plots and twists will entertain you in this book. Congratulations to the author on BOTD!
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Anil G
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Post by Anil G »

A mystery thriller crime book is the roller-coaster ride of an suspenseful plots and twist. Will surely enjoy this read.
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Shally Z
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Post by Shally Z »

Thanks for your review. This sounds like a great, fast-paced read. I don't think I've read corporate thrillers before, or at least not one that I remember! I've added this to my evergrowing TBR list!
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Post by Towfiq Juma »

In the midst of his business operations, Kyle stumbled upon a disturbing revelation: Howard, one of his franchisees, was allegedly hatching a scheme with his business partner, Peter, based in Chicago, to forcibly take over Kyle's company. this seems like a book full or hate and betrayal. I would definitely add it to read list. Great review
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Post by Nada ELASRI »

In a world based on capitalism and relationships of mutual interest, this book seems to be the perfect epitome to help understanding such values and defining people's characteristics. As it is clear that certain interferences occur between many principles, such as : leadership, support, sensibility and empathy vs hostility, cynicism, envy and revenge.
The book is certainly worth reading. Well drafted Review, thank you !
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Post by Margi zuu202 »

Book 📖📚📖 of the day BOTD is C T M H story of corporate, corruption, betrayal, family saga and magic adventure the protagonist Kyle life experience starting after she lost her dad to suicide living with several family members before finding home I'm Army were he earned commission asan infantry officer. He became crippled after his injuries In Vietnam war. Franklinn business were followed by corruption, witchcraft, paranormal activity the crazy yrs of his life ..such a must read book 📖 I will recommend it 💯✅ it was well written and reviewed
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Post by Domeseo Camus Meda »

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JR Stephen
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Post by JR Stephen »

I loved reading your review. Especially the fact about Kyle's sensitive and attentive character. The fact that the book is a good read for entrepreneurs who want to start or have already started a company is a bonus.
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Post by Ferdinand_Otieno »

This is an interesting crime fiction novel highlighting business entrepreneurship, betrayal, conspiracy, crime, fighting for ones dreams, and friendship. The book is temporarily free on Amazon Kindle and has a well-written OnlineBookClub review. Congrats on the BOTD selection.
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Laura Ungureanu
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Post by Laura Ungureanu »

This book revolves around a conspiracy regarding a family business. I don't see myself reading that, unfortunately. But congrats on BOTD!
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Timothy Rucinski
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Post by Timothy Rucinski »

I read the first couple of chapters, but I will pass on reading this. I would recommend that the author have the book professionally edited, as I found quite a few punctuation and formatting errors, which were distracting and made the book difficult to read. Nevertheless, congrats on BOTD.
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