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Latest Review: Crimson Harvest by Thom Mollohan

Review of Crimson Harvest

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[Following is an official review of "Crimson Harvest" by Thom Mollohan.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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Life is a whirlwind journey. At times, we all go astray and make mistakes. What matters is that we correct our course and make amends instead of continuing on an evil path. We just need to have faith and trust in God. Thom Mollohan beautifully portrays this in his novel, Crimson Harvest.

The book is set in Argenteret, a small town inhabited by a faithful community of Christians. For some time, a dark presence has been lurking and tempting the youth of the town away from God's path with drugs and power. Born to a Jesus-loving couple, Jake and Jeanetta, Heather Constance has always been a good girl. She deceives her parents for the first time when she succumbs to peer pressure and follows her friend, Jillian Devereaux, to a club called Harvest Club. Their newest acquaintance, Gage Osirion, arranges for them to enter the place despite them being underage. As soon as Heather enters the club, she knows that she is out of her depth among the booze-drinking and scantily-clad clubbers. Still, she stays. When Jillian's brother, Rich, finds them, he urges Gage to let them go. Gage agrees to Rich's demands. However, he asks for one dance with Jillian. When Jillian is gone for far too long, Rich and Heather rush to find them. What happens next horrifies Heather. She flees from the club and returns home to tell her parents everything. To her surprise, her Uncle Kevin was visiting them. Kevin O'Neil did not have as much faith in God as Jake and Jeanetta. In fact, he blamed God for all his troubles. He escaped from the tense relationship with his family and sought refuge at his sister's house for some time. Little did he expect to get involved in the crisis his sister's family was experiencing.

What does Heather witness in the Harvest Club? How will it affect her and her family? What role will Kevin play in the Constance family's life? Will he ever learn to trust God? Most importantly, will God bestow the Constance family with grace and help them in their time of need?

The predominant themes in Thom Mollohan's Crimson Harvest are repentance and forgiveness. Mollohan weaves a gripping story where good and evil are pitted against each other. He depicts the importance of having complete faith in God without being preachy. His inclusion of verses from the Bible and other biblical references makes the story all the more heart-touching. He portrays a malevolent presence that is very powerful and can tempt anyone with the promise of heady power. Yet, there seems to be something missing in his promises of love and immortality. This evil being is not just a stereotypical villain. Mollohan uses vivid words to describe its seductive larger-than-life presence.

I loved the portrayal of the myriad characters in the book. Heather is a good girl born to loving parents. Her upbringing is completely different from Jillian's. Naturally, their choices are different. It was truly enlightening to see them find their respective paths to redemption. Kevin O'Neil was never quite a fan of God. Yet, he was a good man who loved his family. His journey of faith was indeed interesting. Jeanetta, Jake, Logan, Sophie, Mike, and Marie are noteworthy characters. They are so good and kind that they inspire you to dedicate yourself to God. Their close-knitted church community gives you a wholesome feeling that warms your heart. I have to mention Roderick Osirion and Max. I found them very intriguing and hope to know more about them in the next book.

Crimson Harvest by Thom Mollohan is a fast-paced story that will always keep you wondering with bated breath what would happen next. This amazing book is devoid of any flaws. The few errors that I found are minor and easily overlooked. Hence, I rate Crimson Harvest 5 out of 5 stars.

This book is highly recommended to young adults. Christians would definitely be delighted by Thom Mollohan's Crimson Harvest.

Crimson Harvest
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