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Judy O
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Review of Criminal Tendencies

Post by Judy O »

[Following is an official review of "Criminal Tendencies" by Steve Stanley.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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Salvatore Luzani's psychiatric evaluations showed that he had criminal tendencies as a teenager. While in high school, he was bullied and picked on by other kids until an incident occurred on his 15th birthday, which turned everything around. Sal then goes from being the bullied to being the bully, causing trouble and even selling weed in school. Even at home, he becomes a menace, almost burning down his parents' house due to his mischievous activities.

Salvatore leaves home at an early age to go into weed sales and to deal with other drugs with some friends he had already made in childhood. Together, they form something of a gang, distributing weed and killing people who want to jeopardize their business. Although he did not want to get involved with the mob, the syndicate he was a part of grew, and eventually, they entered into business with them. Sal vows to get even when his best friend, Joey, betrays him in a position. This he does by stealing a shipment belonging to his boss and friend. When his boss orders everyone to get ready for a polygraph test, Sal realizes that this could be a problem, and he decides to take very drastic action, but this action would later have severe repercussions. What action did he take? And how is his girlfriend, Lisa, related to this deliberate action?

Criminal Tendencies by Steve Stanley was an enlightening read into the life of a mobster and his dealings in a drug syndicate. I'm not usually a fan of books dealing with organized crime, but after reading this, I truly appreciate Steve's work. Based on a true life story, Salvatore (Sal) is like an everyday kid, facing bullies and being bullied until he reaches a turning point in his life; at that time, he becomes the bully. However, I have to admit that the "bad guys" are usually some of the smart ones. Salvatore's accomplishments as a jailhouse lawyer were quite impressive, which made me believe he had turned his life around, but he was always full of surprises.

I had a beautiful time with this book; it was a fatal blend of action, mystery, suspense, and humor. The dialogue was simple and easy to follow; I'm sure the audience would agree when they read this book. For a book based on the mob, its characters seemed duly represented; there were not plenty of characters and gangs to confuse the story. The book was relayed from Sal's perspective, helping us get into and maybe understand some of the inner workings of a criminal's mind. Sal was not the best of individuals, but I must commend his intelligence.

The only thing I did not enjoy about this book was the existence of loopholes in the plot. For instance, after he double-crossed Joey, we hear nothing about that again throughout the story. Does that mean Joey just let him go? I felt he had to be mentioned at least once. The book did not end properly; there needed to be more from the storyline; for instance, after he sold the company, what became of the mafia under which he was working? In all, it was a nice read.

Due to its incomplete plot, highlighted in detail in the above paragraph, I'd have to deduct a star, so this book receives 4 out of 5 stars from me. I picked up about two errors while reading, but this book was professionally edited. I recommend it to audiences who enjoy crime thrillers, action thrillers, mysteries, and suspense books.

Criminal Tendencies
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Agbata Trust-
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Post by Agbata Trust- »

Events makes one changes. Those who were bullied who ends up becoming bully themselves is a clear indication that it's has alot of psychological effect. I would love to see the rest of sal story.
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Jeff Kanda
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Post by Jeff Kanda »

I must admit, the book has an awesome cover. It seems cool! Thanks for the engaging review!
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Post by omolabake1906 »

I really understand whatbit means to be bullied you cant talk to anyone about it due to fear which affects most children physiologically. I admit this is an excellent review
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Post by AllTooWell »

I was intrigued by the title and the cover of this book, but I cannot stand this type of story. I am sorry for Salvatore being bullied but that is the main reason whatever happened should not have turned him into the bully. This is a great review, but I cannot read this book, I already dislike Salvatore.
Opara Jerry
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Post by Opara Jerry »

A very simple and straightforward plot. One that seem fresh but somehow still familiar. To be honest I do wonder if the Luzani could have avoided getting involved with the mob.
Gabriele Mattia Leonardo
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Post by Gabriele Mattia Leonardo »

Haven't read this book, but your review makes it seem like it's going to be worth my while. I've gotten an insight into the characters, and I know what to expect.
Famzi Ken
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Post by Famzi Ken »

This looks like a story of a troubled book. I hope this book is not just about his crimes and the abuse of drugs. I hope I learn a vital lesson from this book. Great review.
Goody book
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Post by Goody book »

This books looks like some kind of my taste it sounds interesting to read. I hope the plot is energetic. I must commend your review.
praise nwaogazie
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Post by praise nwaogazie »

I'm appealed by the book cover. The title of the book gives some insight as to what the book is all about. I don't think ill be interested in the book. Well done.
Kenn Nyet
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Post by Kenn Nyet »

A book that deals with the life of a monster is not what I would consider reading on a normal day because of the notoriety. I will pass "Criminal Tendencies" by Steve Stanley accross.
Park Cherri
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Post by Park Cherri »

This is an interesting action and suspense-filled novel. Though I'm not a huge fan of books with this type of plot, this got me intrigued and I’ll love to try it. Well-written review!
Shedrack A
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Post by Shedrack A »

The title of this book, "Criminal Tendencies," is the first thing that draws me into it. This book reveals one of the harmful and terrible effects of bullying, especially on children. This is something that should be seriously addressed and curbed in schools.
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Donald K 1
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Post by Donald K 1 »

Bullying should really be addressed as I feel it brings out the bad side in children. Salvatore Luzani's story seems to be a replica. I wonder if these criminal tendencies could have been suppressed if he hadn't been bullied. Thanks for the amazing review.
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