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Favour Amarachi Mgbeoji
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Review of You Be The Judge

Post by Favour Amarachi Mgbeoji »

[Following is an official review of "You Be The Judge" by Kathie Keppler.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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You Be The Judge by Kathie Keppler is a story of a famous crime writer who was tried previously for the murder of her first husband but got off. The book opens with her being arrested for the murder of her much younger second husband. Do you think she killed her husband or not? Do you think she'll go scot-free?

Two selected jurors are clever women who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Burke and Jackie become fast friends during the trial. The defendant's lawyer, Eugene McGuiness, is decent and handsome, and Burke instantly falls in love with him. However, he was in love with his client, Maura, the writer, and the defendant. They go through the trial, and it seems like whoever did it dressed and looked like Maura. Jackie and Burke find out information regarding the trial, and Burke tries to use it to entice Eugene so that he'll fall for her and fall out of love with Maura. Do you think she'll succeed? Do you think things will work out with the attorney and Maura?

You Be The Judge by Kathie Keppler is a very captivating story. I was immediately taken with it. Maura's kindness to people was indeed very unique. I enjoyed the nerve-racking performances. The pace of the book was fast, which made it more interesting. The writer also left clues for the readers to unravel, which will have the readers eager to read the next chapter.

I related to Burke's feeling of doing anything possible to get what you want, which was inspiring. I liked that Maura was calm and collected even in her state of misery. I also liked that Burke and Jackie became friends to the end, given their character difference. Indeed Kathie Keppler did an excellent job on the characters.

I also liked that during the trials, different witnesses, friends and co-workers, and even police officers were questioned. I also liked that the judge was impartial in her ruling. However, I didn't understand some parts of the story. I could not tell the difference between a flashback and the present. I also didn't understand the part where we were told that Maura took part in the death of her second husband. It was very confusing. I found an error In the book as it was professionally edited.

The negative aspect affected my satisfaction with it. Hence, I rate the book three out of four stars. I did not remove any other stars as the book was an interesting read.

I recommend this book to adults, teenagers, and lovers of crime fiction.

You Be The Judge
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Patty Allread
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Post by Patty Allread »

A murder trial could be a dull scenario for reading, but this one sounds clever and skillfully written. I like that the characters of Burke and Jackie seem to generate more depth in this story.
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Amy Luman
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Post by Amy Luman »

I've never been on a jury and that's probably a good thing. Lots goes on between jurors and I have a hard time understanding all the legal stuff.
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Post by Ayesha Ameera Memon »

This crime thriller fiction novel sounds really interesting. It seems like while centering the plot around solving a murder, the author explores aspects like friendship and patience and kindness in this novel. Sounds like a must read for me!
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OTrain M
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Post by OTrain M »

Oh, the title is even catchy, and so is the book cover. I love the suspence the book exudes. Mystery and crime are two genres that I never tire reading about. Thank you for sharing.
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Post by Paully_ »

I prefer watching crimes scene to reading the book. Lovers of crime thrillers will enjoy reading the book.
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Post by Blesso95 »

The suspense of wanting to know if she killed her husband makes me want to read this book,I also love the stable nature of Maura even when tensed about the situation.
Stephanie Cameron
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Post by Stephanie Cameron »

Very good review. I am interested to find out what happens. Did she kill her husband? Who will the lawyer end up with romantically? It raises so many questions that make me want to go read this right now. I love criminal fiction it is one of my favorite categories.
Summer Henrietta
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Post by Summer Henrietta »

This book is very thrilling and filled with suspense.
This is a very insightful review, it definitely captured my attention till the end. I bet the book would too.
Thank you for the review.
Abijal Subedi
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Post by Abijal Subedi »

I've never been on a jury and that's probably a good thing. Lots goes on between jurors and I have a hard time understanding all the legal stuff.
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Yasmine M
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Post by Yasmine M »

Thank you for the review; this sounds like an exciting thriller. It is highly unlikely that the woman's first and second husband were murdered and she had nothing to do with it. I love the mystery and I am sure I will enjoy reading the book.
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Post by Oluwasogo »

The story is actually intertwined and suspenseful; more reason why I'd like to read this book. What I'd like to know most is the connection between Maura & the murderer.
Davide Cencio
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Post by Davide Cencio »

This book is suspenseful and very emotional, I'm sure the book will have even more. The book title does most of the work to entice you to read the book.
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Kieran Anslow
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Post by Kieran Anslow »

I love the plot and the storyline of this book. I'd love to know if Maura won the case, and I'd love to know how the story ended. Thanks for your honest review.
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Shelby Ayres
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Post by Shelby Ayres »

In my opinion, being tried for murder is a very used plot, but how you describe it does not make it sound like just another murder book.
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