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Michelle Fred
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Review of Endgame

Post by Michelle Fred »

[Following is an official review of "Endgame" by William Reed.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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Nat woke up one morning with a nagging idea. The world has dealt with terrorism in varying degrees for years. Despite the efforts of various world governments to quench the problem, it persists. What if someone could infiltrate the biggest and most dangerous of these terrorist organizations at the highest level and end them from the inside? Budding in Nat's mind is one such plan.

Much of the book's plot rests on the Isreal/Palestine conflict, and I appreciate the history lessons I got from it, especially the details of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the origin of Al-Qaeda. William Reed's choice of accessible words and the breezy and cohesive flow of the story were other factors that made my reading experience pleasurable despite the book's lengthy pages. Nat's warm relationship with his family is endearing as well.

The bane of Endgame is its predictability and utter lack of suspense. From Nat's conception of the idea to its execution, everything fell into place without a hitch. It's hard to believe that an organization well versed in undercover operations didn't have someone trailing Nat's moves and didn't question how he walked free, considering that he was the last person to see the vice president and Ambassador Preston and the similar nature of their passing. Simplistic antagonists rarely make for an exciting read. For me, the thrill of a crime thriller lies in a clever antagonist that challenges the protagonist's intellectual limits. The intricacy of the process and the elusive cat and mouse game that keeps the reader guessing is just as important as the climax.

Even though terrorism is the book's dominant theme, I didn't expect most of the characters' conversations to revolve so much around terrorism and the world's security situation. I suppose William was trying not to stray from the theme. Still, the characters are people, and people have varied interests. A medley of various themes always makes for a richer story.

The author sure takes his time describing his characters, even trivial ones. So much so that the appearance of a makeup artist and the way a waiter walks made it into the book, and none of these characters contributed anything to the plot. Unlike the male characters, the features of most of the female characters are dissected in minute detail. Particular attention is paid to their looks, the color of their eyes, the size of their waist, and the way they walk. It's all so objectifying and unpleasant.

The book's premise holds much promise, but the plot, especially the antagonists, needs a little more refinement and sophistication. I also found enough errors in it to warrant deducting a star. Hence, I rate it 2 out of 4 stars.

Endgame will appeal to readers with an affinity for political crime thrillers centered on terrorism with a tinge of world affairs and history.

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Post by Kaylee123 »

Based on your summary, this sounds like a book I would really enjoy. However, since you pointed out how predictable it is, I think I would probably pass. I'd probably get annoyed. Thanks for a great review!
Sumeya Aden
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Post by Sumeya Aden »

This is really interesting and am eager to share this with my bro, am sure he'll be excited. The book seems fascinating to read
Richard Azubike
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Post by Richard Azubike »

This cover and name if this book made it very good to read. I am eager to know what the author discussed in the book.
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Amy Luman
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Post by Amy Luman »

I am normally all over a book centered around terrorism. This one, however, seems to have no real direction and is about discussion. The development of the characters would also cause a problem for me.
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Post by Minsy91 »

Based on your review, this book sounds like an amazing read and I don't mind giving it a try. Great job.
Ivan Mukaaga
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Post by Ivan Mukaaga »

Wow thanks for the great work. Thanks for being very honest in your review. It really helps someone not to expect too much and not to expect less. Thank you.
Olamide Akinola
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Post by Olamide Akinola »

The book seem to lack enough imaginative power. And it could be that the author found it difficult to bring his full imagination into writing. Nevertheless, books related to terrorism and war doesn't appeal to me so I'd pass on this.
Thanks for the nice review.
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Post by maycherono91 »

I would read it. The plot was great only that it was not well executed. Thank you for the nice review.
Ramon Scott
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Post by Ramon Scott »

This book doesn't seem to be my cup of tea but I do know a few people who might like it. I will definitely recommend this to them. It definitely sounds like something that they would enjoy. You did a great job walking us through this book. Thanks for the great review!
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Post by mutumafrank »

Sounds like a very informative book. I don't know much about the middle east so this book might be of use to me.
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OTrain M
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Post by OTrain M »

The book had a potential to be more, especially tackling this broad topic of terrorism. The author lack of branching to it made it fail.
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