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Kennedy NC
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Review of Distant Cousin

Post by Kennedy NC »

[Following is an official review of "Distant Cousin" by Rex W Last.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Rex W Last uses his imagination to create a story that centers on postwar experiences and events seemingly left out in history. Amidst the supposed end of the war and hope for a better future, Major Bill is sent to Germany to re-establish communication links between Britain and Germany. In carrying out his task, Major Bill reconnects with a past friend, Major Archie Wellings. Together, they discover a heinous plan crafted by the Nazis to destroy two American cities. They try to find the missing parts to this puzzle and save millions of lives. However, they encounter challenges along the way. The much-anticipated salvation of America comes through a least expected event that may well leave tears in your eyes. Grab a copy of this book to discover how this unique plot unfolds.

Distant Cousin comprises a lot of positive aspects. The diction employed is highly sophisticated and technical, which befits the very nature of the subject matters it handles; science and the military. It captures the grueling aftermaths of war. Emptiness and desertion hang around the air. Ruins, ashes, and dust are seen in place of magnificent structures on the streets of Germany.

The smell of blood and death that hangs all over creates a dark cloud. The hunger growls in youths and children as they resort to stealing and violence to survive. The traumatizing memories, experiences, and sights must live with them till they die. The irreplaceable loss of their dear ones is one they may not be able to overcome fully. It brings to the fore scars of war that would never disappear.

The novel takes us back in time to a period where the idea of traveling to space was regarded as absurd, military ammunition was not so advanced, and our current technological feats were nothing but myths. This helps us appreciate the tremendous growth the world has experienced since then. Rex W Last, as an expert in wartime adventure stories, made the story feel like an extension of history. Despite the severe and delicate nature of the subject matter, the writer lightens the mood from time to time with Major Bill’s love escapades.

It would not come as a shock if I were to say I could not find any negative aspects to Distant Cousin. Asides from minor punctuation errors, the novel was professionally edited. It was definitely a smooth read. I rate the novel 4 out of 4 because the author wrote the book so well, it felt like a part of history. I recommend this novel to lovers of science fiction and all persons with a genuine interest in stories of adventure and war.

Distant Cousin
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Post by Ghuddie »

A book about post-war experiences and events not captures by history will be great to read. You delivered a great review. Well done.
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Asiaa Szn
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Post by Asiaa Szn »

This isn't exactly my kind of book but your review is really nice. Great work.
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Post by CleverSpider001 »

War is traumatizing, and in an event where thousands of lives lay on your shoulders, the pressure must have been massive. Thank you for such a great review.
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Raymond N
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Post by Raymond N »

A postwar book is usually insightful, brings to knowledge what happened during war. Thanks for the review.
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Fareed Regal
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Post by Fareed Regal »

There would appear to be more than one genre at play in this book which always makes for more interesting reading. The storyline is quite imaginative but also provides very useful historical information. Well done on a very good review!
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Nwadinso Okoro
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Post by Nwadinso Okoro »

From the review, the book centers on post war experiences. The major character of the book is Major Bill and his quest is to find and thwart the plan of the Nazis. I would love to read the book so as to know if Bill succeeded. Thanks for your review.
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