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Review of Mister Manners

Post by JonesLeeh »

[Following is an official review of "Mister Manners" by J.C. Bruce.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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A Florida vigilante named Mister Manners has been raiding anyone he terms as discourteous. He goes after those who make noise in theaters, receive phone calls in silent zones, those who avoid using doggie bags, others who do not utilize turn signals, etc. News of him attracts headlines when he attacks a wealthy author’s Lexus sedan.

Now, Alexander Strange is a news reporter who goes after, as his name suggests, strange and daring reports. With these uneventful happenings in Florida, Strange is hell-bent on uncovering the mysterious identity of Mister Manners. Through his blogs, Alexander consistently invites the vigilante to chat with him to discover the motivation behind his doings and more. Who’s this Mister Manners? Why did he choose to be a discourtesy punisher?

The humor in the story blew my brains off. Alexander has plastic toys all over his home. He is hilarious when he talks about them, so I could not help but laugh out loud. I enjoyed how the author employed vulgarity in the tale. At one point, wealthy Kitty Karlucci finds an upside-down cart on the roof of her sleek, expensive Lexus sedan. She is furious, so she uses profanity to demand the police to expose the offender who did such an unfathomable deed. There’s much more of the characters’ selection of words that’ll keep your mouth smiling.

I did not like it when the book mentioned wearing masks and social distancing. It is okay to do so, but I mean, I wanted to be fully immersed in a world of crime, mystery, and hunting down Mister Manners. Instead, when the author mentioned masks and breaking social distancing rules, I was brought back to the contemporary world with an ongoing pandemic.

The first few pages had me underestimating the spellbinding nature of the story. But phew! Thankfully, I am an avid reader, so I pursued on. The book dazzled me with the characters’ humor, the daring personality of Alexander, engaging dialogues, among others. The strange doings of Mister Manners and a knotty plot of disclosing his identity had me glued on the book until I found answers to my quizzes. I award Mister Manners by J.C. Bruce 4 out of 4 stars. Besides, we have an exceptionally well-edited book, as there are no flaws.

When the self-appointed vigilante attacked the nosy, loquacious Kitty Karlucci, he didn’t think she would remain silent after such a heinous act, did he? I recommend it to audiences who enjoy books with plots of mystery, crime, journalism, and drama— save for kids because of the profanity and adult insinuations.

Mister Manners
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Post by Mariam K 7 »

Quite a detailed review! It is good that you are talking about both the positive and the negative part, from your point of view. However, wearing masks and bringing into today’s life I find interesting. Thanks for the wonderful review!
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Amy Luman
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Post by Amy Luman »

I do like crime novels. I wish to know how Strange deals with Mister Manners’ deeds. The profanity concerns me, though. Thanks for the review.
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Post by AfraBrb »

There definitely should be a mister manners in real world. We really need him. Great review
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Post by Raymond N »

Firstly, I find this title amusing. It's creative, actually. Good luck to Alexander on revealing the identity of Mister Manners.
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Post by Amenrodion »

This book looks like a really interesting read
Duha Khan
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Post by Duha Khan »

Hilarious! Mr. Strange and Mr. Manners. What a combo! To be honest, I agree that someone should do something about rule-breakers, but maybe not in the same way as Mr. Manners. So just to get this straight, Mister Manners is a crime and a comedy?
Adaeze Joan
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Post by Adaeze Joan »

First of all, the author did well with the book title, it is quite captivating. The names the author gave his characters where quite unique. Thanks for your awesome review. I could really use a good crime and mystery thriller book like this one.
Apple 7
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Post by Apple 7 »

The social distancing and the masks very well relate to the current state of the world but Mr manners in essence seems to be an excessively strict law enforcer who takes matters into his own hands while giving no reference to the law....quite intriguing and interesting...thanks for the review
Bibi Farheen K
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Post by Bibi Farheen K »

From your review, I feel like this book will hit home with respect to the number of people beign discorteous. I look forward to read it. I hope to get some vicarious satisfaction when he punishes those inconsiderate people!
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Post by Fareed Regal »

This sounds like it will be quite an enjoyable read. I think the author was having a lot of fun while writing the book as most of it seems to be tongue in cheek. Great review!
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Nwadinso Okoro
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Post by Nwadinso Okoro »

I think I like this book cover design. This book involves the actions of a vigilante. Mister Manners is quite simple in his job, he raids people that he suspects. I find the book to be humorous, and I would love to read it. Good review.
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Asiaa Szn
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Post by Asiaa Szn »

I love the humor this book has portrayed. Definitely reading this
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