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Latest Review: FEAR ME NOW: The War Annex by Christopher Williams

Review of FEAR ME NOW: The War Annex

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[Following is a volunteer review of "FEAR ME NOW: The War Annex" by Christopher Williams.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The book review Regular text. FEAR-ME-NOW: The War Annex . Regular Christopher Williams.

This is an honest and provocative tale of a young black college student, and his daily encounters with housemates, school, and work in Atlanta. The stories in this book are too scary and bring to light the black and white clash in America based on the history of slavery. The brilliant young man is on a path to success with his rigorous work ethic taking on extra responsibility to educate himself. The intensity of his thoughts and hatred of the status quo that seem to favor white people will drive him off the cliff to start hunting them down. Christopher Williams paints a picture of a young man who finds no rest for his wounded soul. His friends, mates, religious folk and family do not help him when he asks for help and only do so when its too late. He has a desire to settle scores, only as a super hero not a martyr of injustice meted upon black folk. He ends up in this dark hole of armed revolt that lead to the irreparable death of this man's soul and a trail deadly violence.

The book has revealed the desire of black people to be heard and allowed to live in a fair and just society. Christopher Williams shows us the psychological mile a young educated black man has to walk to flip his anger into a destructive force. The book shows the point of intervention that would have aided the young man when he needed and asked for help. The book brings out the unfinished business in matters racism, social, and economic injustices in America. The book exposes the black divide on how to tackle racial injustices between Black Panthers, Martin Luther King Jr.'s nonviolence movement, and the philosophy of the Nation of Islam.

The book exposes us to raw violence and cover-ups of crimes committed against fellow citizens in the name of avenging racial discrimination and injustice. The trail of thought that Christopher Williams engages us could become the code of conduct for other young black men protesting current and historical injustices which could lead to innocent lives being lost and judged by the color of their skin. There are also too much generalizations; one, that every black person wants revenge against white folk, and two, that all white people are evil and afraid of black people.

I would recommend this book to a mature audience, 18 and over. This book will help people of all races understand anger and fear in black people in America. The readers will love this book because it sheds a lot of unfamiliar truth. People unfamiliar with black American culture might find the vulgar language repulsive, but you get used to it when you read it throughout the book because the language drives a point and an emotion. Anger.

I will rate this book Regular text. 4 out of 4 stars. Regular text. This is because the book is well written and edited, and tells an authentic story.

FEAR ME NOW: The War Annex
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