Official Review: The Intruder by Jessie Capps

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Official Review: The Intruder by Jessie Capps

Post by Orizon »

[Following is an official review of "The Intruder" by Jessie Capps.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The Intruder by Jessie Capps is a thriller novel. The 61-page book is divided into 13 chapters. The novel contains themes of love, courage, mystery, and sacrifice.

Rose and Jess had been dating for two years. Jess decides they should take a trip to an abandoned estate in town to celebrate their second anniversary. The estate is eerie, and Rose is uncomfortable. However, before they could turn back, Jess disappears, and Rose is attacked from the shadows. A year later, the case remained unsolved by the police. Also, Jess’s whereabout, whether alive or dead, remains unknown. Rose begins to receive strange notes and messages reminding her of the day Jess disappeared. Rose turns to Sebastian, her boyfriend, Jess’s elder brother, for help. With the belief that Jess was still alive, Rose decides to dig into the situation rather than back away. She goes back to the estate where it all happened. Things become creepier as she begins her search. Can Jess still be alive after all these months? Who is the person behind it all, and what have they done to deserve it? Read this book to find out that and more.

I love the author’s writing style. The book was direct and easy to understand. Though short, it is filled with suspense and mystery. The author was able to manage the themes well enough. I could never have guessed what was coming in the end.

My favorite character was Rose. Her courage was quite exceptional. Her love for Jess was evident. She never gave up on looking for her, even when she had reasons to believe Jess was dead. Many would have been paralyzed by the thought of going back to the building, but Rose went back to search for her partner. This is a lesson of hope, love, and persistence. I did enjoy the time I had with Jess. She was a witty character.

However, there are some things I dislike about the book. Some of the characters were not well developed. For example, Sebastian was quite crucial in the story, and yet we barely knew him. Although I understand the author was trying to stick with the mystery theme. I would have loved it if there had been a backstory to his character. I also felt the storyline was not well explored. The plot was too shallow, and some important details were left out. Therefore, I rate The Intruder 3 out of 4 stars. The book was well edited, as I found a few errors that did not hinder my reading experience.

Finally, I recommend the book to lovers of thriller novels and drama. The author left us with a promise of more. I will be looking forward to seeing where she takes the story in the sequel. I believe the storyline has great potentials.

The Intruder
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Post by Piece Nkem »

I like the themes that are involved in this thriller. The review was great.
Da Rafi
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Post by Da Rafi »

What happened to jess is still an unsolved mystery, and rose is a brave woman, love for jess has pushed her to uncover the mystery of jess without cause, very good review, i really want to read this book, know how it goes
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Post by SierraCavender »

This seems like a fantastic evening read! I think I'll wait for some stormy weather to set the mood and find out what happened to Jess.
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Pallavi Lakra
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Post by Pallavi Lakra »

For a short book, this sounds quite nice built up with mystery. Would love to read. Thanks for the review!
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Post by Durgeshwari Dolas »

Reminds me of the story of a movie(I don't remember the name of movie). Quite interesting thou, your review made me curious to know the further story. Thank you for your lovely review!!
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Post by markodim721 »

It is a pity that the characters are not better developed because the plot itself seems well conceived. Thanks for the review, the book definitely has my attention.
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Post by Dzejn_Crvena »

For a book with few pages, this is an enthralling story.
I will consider picking this book and see if I'll feel the same way you do.
I'm a plot-oriented reader, so I hope the underdeveloped characters won't bother me much.
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Kavita Shah
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Post by Kavita Shah »

That's a great story in 61 pages. I love a good mystery and this one has piqued my interest. Thank you for a great review!
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Post by NetMassimo »

Probably, this book is too short to have all the important characters properly developed. At least it seems like an intense thriller. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
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Post by cd20 »

I am surprised that the author was able to pack so much into so few pages! I usually won't even bother with a book if it is that short. That may be why the characters are underdeveloped. Despite the length, it does sound like an interesting book!
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Post by Laksha Maria Charbel »

I love a good mystery book and this certainly is an interesting take by adding a bit of romance, hope and courage into the mix. The unexpected ending and not knowing what's coming are my favourite parts about this genre. However, at the mention of the shallow plot and underdeveloped characters I will pass on this one as I enjoy well developed characters. Thank you for the review, much appreciated.
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Victor Kilyungi
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Post by Victor Kilyungi »

I'm a sucker for thrillers. This is incredible and bonus points for the short nature of the book. Thank you for your review.
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Post by Milothehippo »

This is one of my favorite genre. The introduction of the story told in this review turn my curiosity on.
However, I'm a bit confused about the gender of Rose and Jess. Are they lesbians?
I also feel the same about Rose ending up with Jess's elder brother after the estate incident. It sounds so weird but this weirdness is often seen in American films so I have to roll my eyes and quote 'beurk, not again??'
Thank you for your honest review.
Kanchan Sharma
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Post by Kanchan Sharma »

The review is depicting so many twists and turns that I am really wishing to read the book.
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