Review by anferneelusong -- My Only Sunshine

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Review by anferneelusong -- My Only Sunshine

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[Following is a volunteer review of "My Only Sunshine" by Lou Dischler.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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My Only Sunshine by Lou Dischler revolves around the lives of these unbroken human beings: Charlie Boone, a nine-year-old boy who had to grow up too soon and see things little ones shouldn’t know, Dan, a fun and loving guy who feels a little stuck, and Lona, whose good intentions only ruined the dreams of the guy who loved her so. Will they ever escape the curse of this Godforsaken town and find the light at the end of the tunnel? With piercing honesty, Lou Dischler vividly paints a compelling distillation of how the world really works and all the things we have to give up to live the life we really want to live.

I have nothing but love for this book. It took me to a place in time that I will never get a shotgun shot in the dark to be in. It is beautifully written with perfectly flawed characters that will make you appreciate the little things that a lot of people take for granted in this sweet and bitter earth. I love the homely and familial vibe it exudes throughout and the unexpected happenstance of everything that will leave its readers shook to the core. The author never lost momentum and seamlessly weaved the characters with the storyline and perfectly placed every change of perspective with a beautiful transition.

A part of the book made me think about the fear and apprehension that the people of Hiroshima felt before their names and existence faded into nothing but ink on library books. The memories and life they have built for posterity were destroyed by someone else’s decision. I often wonder about those fragile young boys who went to war a century ago. Very much like the protagonist of this story, those young boys saw things little ones should never see and had no choice but to grow up and save their very own countries. I admire the author’s ability to perfectly conjure up that ominous and foreboding feeling throughout the book. I recommend it to those who love J.D. Robb and other homicide-related books.

It’s fascinating to compartmentalize the dynamics of conformity in this day and age. See, in this book, the author emphasizes the people’s irreverence to the authority and how they could easily get away with literally everything back in the day. Two of the main themes in this book are robbery and the possession of firearms. I’d like to think that robbing banks must’ve been a breeze for robbers to set forth due to the lack of security in the past. It sure is nice to see how that’s changed. On the other hand, gun control wasn’t that big of a deal in those days. Everyone literally had guns because I think that’s the only way they knew how to protect themselves from bad people. I don’t need to elaborate on this topic because we all know the havoc that this has caused to a lot of people. This book has layers that connect everything to the modern world and that is truly something. It’s spellbinding to think about the correlation of the past to the future. How everything and everyone just loops back to where they started. I guess you really can’t move forward into the future without first knowing the past.

I really don’t have anything negative to say about this book. My Only Sunshine is painstakingly written and has no grammatical errors and for that, I give it a 4 out of 4 stars.

My Only Sunshine
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