Official Review: encoded by Richard Nedbal

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Latest Review: encoded by Richard Nedbal

Official Review: encoded by Richard Nedbal

Post by lavellan »

[Following is an official review of "encoded" by Richard Nedbal.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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What would you do if you discovered that you had unknowingly fathered a daughter? Would you go to the ends of the Earth to find her? Now imagine that you are the president of the United States. An already complicated situation has now become even more difficult to handle without jeopardizing your reputation and other duties. This is the predicament President Elliot finds himself in. Luckily for him, he has a tech-savvy friend from high school that he can call on for help: Richard Braddock. Richard is tasked with covertly finding the president’s daughter, a woman named Thi Thom. This mission sends Richard on a journey to Vietnam, but soon, he finds out more than he bargained for. On top of this, how does a mysterious power outage factor in? Find out in Encoded, an exhilarating novel written by Richard Nedbal.

Richard is not your standard lead. Usually in this genre, the main character is a suave, muscle-bound man pushing 30. With Richard, he is a snarky retiree who relies on his brain and mouth rather than brawn. I also found it refreshing that Richard was not afraid to recruit help for his mission. While Richard is an expert with finding information, he solicits the aid of his old friends and contacts when he encounters trouble or needs an extra set of hands. I found this to be more realistic than the typical novel that features a lone wolf that magically handles everything on their own. Another one of Encoded’s strong points was its cautionary message about technology. It seems like every day brings another fantastical invention that brings us deeper into the technological era. While there is nothing inherently wrong with using and enjoying technology, our reliance on it makes us vulnerable. This is illustrated by the widespread power outage that occurred in the prologue. Nedbal shows how even the gas stations have become electronically automated and vulnerable to attack. I was not aware of this prior to reading the novel, so I found myself considering the implications of such an event.

In terms of flaws, I wish that Nedbal had developed his female characters more. The perfect example of this is Lara, Richard’s partner. We only see snippets of Lara, but she is portrayed as a flawless character who never objects to Richard’s travels and missions. She only appears to provide support and affirmation when Richard is unsure or broadsided by another challenge. Having Lara dissent or take a more active role in the plot would have helped with adding depth to the novel. Additionally, I found myself overwhelmed by some of the technical terms employed to describe the software and electronics used by Richard and the cast. I do not consider myself to be technologically illiterate, so I think that most readers would find themselves a little lost. Cutting down on some of the technical terms would have helped with my understanding.

While they did not seriously detract from my enjoyment, I noticed errors while reading Encoded. The errors were mostly minor mistakes, but there were enough of them to indicate that the novel needs to undergo another round of editing. For example, there was an instance where “who’s” was used instead of “whose.” I am sure that one more round will bring this book to the next level.

I rate Encoded 3 out of 4 stars. The novel had a valuable message about our overreliance on technology. I found Richard to be a relatable and enjoyable character. However, the editing issues and portrayal of the female characters prevent me from giving it a higher rating. Readers who have a background in technology would find this book especially interesting. The average person should not despair! Laypeople still will find themselves immersed in the plot and rooting for Richard to be successful.

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Post by Elvis Best »

Wow this book has such an intriguing plot. Richard sounds like a very intelligent man. Thanks for the thorough review.
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Post by NetMassimo »

Having a background in technology, I have to say that often I frown upon stories with this kind of theme because they're developed only superficially, so I hope this one is better. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)

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Post by Topsey »

This sounds like a really interesting book. However, with the underdeveloped female characters, I am not sure it is a book for me. Thank you for the helpful review.

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Post by Chinelookeke »

Very interesting book. I just wonder how he felt like his initial reaction when he found out he fathered a child. Lots of books to read up. Good one.

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Post by funmilayo_h »

Your review was very informative, I'd be adding to my shelf...nice one!

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Post by drwcroaker »

Thanks for your review. Sounds like this book could be a lot of fun. Sort of a Tom Clancy meets Michael Crichton techno-thriller. I like cautionary novels about the irresponsible spread of technology, as long as they aren't anti-tech. I appreciate your point about the author's weak portrayal of female characters. Even so, I will likely read the Amazon sample pages just to see if the book is worth a full read.
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Post by Munachimso_Nwaogazie »

I feel like I will enjoy this book mostly because it covers technology. Thanks for your honest review.

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Post by Nath_chuks »

Richard seems like an intelligent man, recruitmenting friends when he can't do all the jobs. I hope what he found out on this mission isn't a bad one. Great review

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Post by Usma Khann »

This book is definitely a controversial one. Consider me intrigued. Appreciate the insightful review.🌸
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Post by Valkyrie9 »

Since it was the title of this novel that piqued my interest, I would like to see if this relates to the overall plot, or if it is simply a background warning against our reliance on technology. In South Africa, power outages are anything but rare, so we are all too familiar with the trials of darkness - each outage is a reminder of all the devices we rely on, especially the electric stoves, geysers and lights. Thanks for a great review!
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Post by LinaJan »

Regardless of the drawbacks, this one sounds like I would enjoy :) I like the way you describe Richard and I am keen to meet him :) As well as get lost in a little bit of conspiracy :)

Thank you for such a thorough and insightful review! :)

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Post by Lizziemarcel »

This review really caught my attention, especially about getting to know one has a child outside. I personally, would go all out to get my baby. This book from the review seems to be a hi tech book, inasmuch as I'm not too detailed with tech, I would love to read to adventure more on it.

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Post by Priyanka2304 »

Richard seems an interesting character to me. The Concept is also thoughtful. Thanks for the amazing review.

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Post by Misty20058 »

I also agree that this seems like an interesting plot. However, it is disappointing to hear that they portrayal of female characters were not up to standard. Thanks for the informative review.

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