Official Review: Soul Pursuit by Chip Tudor

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Official Review: Soul Pursuit by Chip Tudor

Post by JKO »

[Following is an official review of "Soul Pursuit" by Chip Tudor.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Soul Pursuit by Chip Tudor is a piece of non-fiction that follows the life of Jack Sterling after his honorable discharge as a Navy Seal. It also talks about a series of events that lead him from an unbeliever to a follower of Christ. As a result of the difficulty in securing a job in Dayton, Jack accepted to work as a fugitive recovery agent. His first assignment was Jimmie Parker, a gulf war veteran. Jimmie was convicted for armed robbery, jumped his bail, and went out of the grid. Jack's job is to find Jimmie and escort him back to jail before three weeks elapse.

On the other hand, Jack needs to help his mom unpack after moving into her new house. She has just gone through a divorce with Jack's father. He goes there to meet the whole place in order and filled up with friends. He had expected his mom to feel down following the divorce, but she seemed to have a different glow about her as did all her friends. This made him wonder what the source of their glow was. This was also the beginning of what would be his journey to accepting Christ. The author tells the story from Jack's eye, using a first-person narrative style.

When I started reading this book, I thought it was just a detective kind of story. At the time, I didn’t see how the name of the book related to the story. I was wrong. This book was much more. The detective part of this book was just part of the minor subplot of this read. The book was not really about his job as a fugitive recovery agent, but about how relevant religion was to everything he did. He was really in pursuit of his soul. I was pleased that I learned an important life lesson after I finished reading. The lesson was that no one was going to succeed in anything if they didn’t depend solely on God and not on their own wisdom or capability.

I really enjoyed Jack's sense of humor. This was further enhanced in the discussions he had with some friends in the donut factory when they were talking about how Jesus could be a man and God at the same time. It was quite hilarious when he asked, “ does Jesus fart?” His increased sense of humor and use of sarcasm made me refreshed while I read, as there was no dull moment in any of his conversations. I was also pleased to see how effectively each character was developed as well as how exhaustive the descriptions of places and events were.

Additionally, I was pleased to see that the editorial team of this book did a good job. I found only five grammatical errors throughout the book. As a result, my reading flow was always maintained while I read. I also found no profane language in the pages. There was nothing to dislike about this book. The author did a very good job in developing the content and executing it. As a result, I rate Soul Pursuit 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend this book to people who are interested in missionary, detective, and non-fiction stories.

Soul Pursuit
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Post by sirbobthewise »

Wow, sounds like the book wasn’t what you were expecting but turned out to be a pleasant read. I would imagine I would have felt similar things; I love the book art, and just reading through the first paragraph of your review, I would have thought it would be more about his work a fugitive recovery agent, too. The thought that the book is rather about how his conversion impacted everything in his life really speaks to me. Thanks for the great review! Sounds like a really interesting book!

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Post by Samwisekoop »

" one can succeed in anything unless they didn't depend solely on God and not on their own wisdom or capability." Well, said @JKO!! It is always important to remember that we are merely mortal. Our strength is only as strong as the shifting wind; one minute it is there, the other it is not. It is important to realize that there is someone who will help us every step of the way. He is and will always be there to help us to succeed. But, even if we fail at something, it doesn't mean that He isn't there. He is just teaching us something in that failure. Thank you for your review!! This sounds like an eye-opening book filled with lessons to be learned about faith and religion! Definitely going to add to my Bookshelves!
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Post by Adanna Inya »

Honestly, the core of our being ( for Christians) is God. There's no true happiness with the supreme one.

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Post by FEislandqueen13 »

I can relate to Jack, we can't attain anything 'good' without God on our sides. Once you know Him, really know God, you experience true happiness. :lol2:
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Post by Bunniey19 »

Wow, this is really good. Well described. I could literally picture everything that's going on in this book. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Post by ekg553 »

I am not big on non-fiction, but this sounds like a good read! I come from a Catholic background, and I practice my faith, but I also question things. This book sounds very honest and real. It sounds funny too! It might be something I consider diving into. Thanks for the review!

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Post by Samgum50 »

I have to admit I'm not the biggest non fiction fan but this book seems very compelling especially after reading your review. Kudos!

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Post by Kirsi_78 »

Soul Pursuit sounds somewhat similar to some of Randy Alcorn's fictional books. I did enjoy those a lot and was disappointed that so far he didn't write more of the kind. I am not familiar with the author Chip Tudor but based on what you wrote I am guessing that I would enjoy Soul Pursuit. Thanks for a nice review!

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Chiku1 cleo+
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Post by Chiku1 cleo+ »

The title of this book speaks a lot. The experiences jack was facing, seeing his parents divorce, helping a struggling young Jimmie, really made him realize the importance of knowing christ.

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Post by cj_mcrich »

What really caught me was the cover of this book. I thought it was the normal "romance" themed book as what I've perceived of the title. Turns out it was just the book that I needed. As a Christian (a sleeping one), I hope this book can wake me up. Thank you so much for the review! :)

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Post by GiselleBengochea »

Soul Pursuit by Chip Tudor, is a work of non- fiction that examines the life of Jack Sterling, a distinguished Navy Seal.It also expounds on the incidents that led him into accepting the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a profound book that can be enjoyed by mixed audiences from all walks of life. Great job!

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Post by HusainNecklace52 »

I enjoyed reading your review a lot. It is well structured with all the important bits a reader would want to go through in a review.
Thank you! :D

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Post by Ebby Brown »

At first I thought it was a Christian book talking only about the stories of the bible, but reading the other paragraphs proved me wrong. I love the part of the book having humour and real life situations like divorce shown.Thank you for such a wonderful review. At least I know it's a book I can relate with. :techie-studyingbrown:

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