Review by JoyALB -- Mixed Blessings by J.M. Muse

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Latest Review: Mixed Blessings by J.M. Muse

Review by JoyALB -- Mixed Blessings by J.M. Muse

Post by JoyALB »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Mixed Blessings" by J.M. Muse.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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Mixed Blessings by J.M Muse delves into the world of racism. Black, white, Hispanic, Jewish, Asian, or whatever race the characters in this book identify with, pre-determines how they get treated...and even their safety. Can this be stopped? And if so, could mixed racing be the answer?

This fictional account deals with tough topics. Recent catastrophic events, such as #BlackLivesMatter, are also woven into the narrative. It is not an easy read. The author does not hold back in relaying scenarios that most effectively show how lineage plays a big role, and can determine life or death. These are important issues and I commend the author for bringing them to the forefront. Though, I must admit, I have a problem with how he portrays some characters.

Black Minister Khubal Khan, often referred to as a ‘man of God’ in this book, does not act like one. He prays, reads his Bible and preaches, but this is where it ends. I can say the same for the white Minister Tucker Dilton. Both use their influence over their congregations to manipulate them; their opposite racial beliefs, cause them to use their flock in despicable ways. The church members seem to follow them blindly.

Kimberly Solberg, who is the product of a Jewish mother and a Hispanic (married) father, can only be described as ‘white trash’. She ends up in a relationship with a black man. I found this to be a typical story and a common representation of what kind of white person dates a black one. Frankly, I think it demeans both the black and white culture.

This was not an enjoyable novel for me, as there was very little I could relate with. Though I am all for races being on equal ground, these characters take their beliefs to the extreme. Even as a young, black woman who has faced challenges, I would never be OK with the methods used to achieve racial equality.

I rate Mixed Blessings 2 out of 4 stars. My reading experience was not a pleasurable one due to aforementioned issues. Additionally, I found a few grammatical errors. I would not recommend this book to underage readers as it contains sexual scenes and foul language. If you are a Christian who is easily offended, I would recommend you stay away. They do not represent ministers and the church in the best way.

Mixed Blessings
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Post by JKO »

A good book that talks about different races that exist in the United states. It is interesting to know if the key characters achieve their aim. I look forward to reading this one. Great review.
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Post by Sushan »

Another honest review. This book goes on getting low ratings, and yours confirms it once more. Thank you 👍👍
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I am currently reading this book and I am a Christian And can relate with your grieveances with the book. The story line is hardly coherent and it's just all over the place. I hope I can finish reading it. Great review!
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Post by Harry2000ab »

I'm reading the book for a while now and all I can say Is that the review is a little unfair, I reckon if you go more focused on the roots of the book and what the true message behind it is you'd enjoy the book even more , anyways thanks for the review .
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Post by Zaddy_007 »

I loved every page of this book. I respected Kublai khan, pastor Harper for what they tried to do for the blacks in American.
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Post by Reubeney »

I love how you have expressed your view. Great review.
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Post by Mamakachi1 »

Thank you for your honest review.I totally agree with you that the methods used in fighting racism were rather extra and irrational.
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