Featured Official Review: Callaghan, vol. 1 & 2 by Kim Ekemar

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Re: Featured Official Review: Callaghan, vol. 1 & 2 by Kim Ekemar

Post by xj804 »

When I read this review about introduction of this author’s book,the first feelings is fulled of imagination .I can read events and contents of the books in details. This storties seems mystery draw me into easily.

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Grace kainda
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Post by Grace kainda »

Just from the brief introduction about the series, losing ten fingers and ones face is like nothing I have ever read before. Reading this book is really going to be amazing and am curious to know how he'll live each day without fingers.

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Ms Vinkel
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Post by Ms Vinkel »

The only thing that I disliked was the fact that the author started a few stories and failed to follow them to completion. For example, what happened to Thumps and Allan in the second novel?
Ah, yeah. I also dislike this sometimes. But, I'm glad that these forgotten or neglected plot points did not affect your enjoyment of the novel.

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Post by Alice Ngugi »

I am yet to read the book. But based on your review this is definitely going to my want -to-read shelf. Thanks!

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Daisy Mideva
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Post by Daisy Mideva »

It's traumatic to lose a face, never heard of that, but ten fingers sounds familiar, I might try and read this one.

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Post by tafta »

The author does have quite an imagination, judging from the review. The 'face off' stunt he pulls. I wonder how his enemies got to know him after his facial reconstruction. I would find the first book too painful to enjoy. The second book, I could enjoy.

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Post by Priyanka2304 »

This is such a tragic story and the author has amazingly put every piece of the story together. Thanks for the review.

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Post by Day19006 »

Callaghan sounds like a good thriller. And this review did a great job on making me want to read it. Thanks for such a wonderful review.

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Post by baha Ibrahim »

Such an unusual story, One’s easily drawn in and kept there wanting to find some redemption in the main character ,I want to read it now!!! thank you for review

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Post by timd »

Perhaps this was the author's intention, but I found myself feeling somewhat lost and disjointed at times reading this novel. I have yet to progress to the rest, and quite honestly I am filled with trepidation because the concept is a bit unpleasant for me, not only the physical losses of fingers and face, but the loss of memory as well. Probably, traumatic for me as I suffered a loss of memory after an unpleasant accident myself. Your review was interesting and comprehensive.

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Mohammed Bari
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Post by Mohammed Bari »

I agree with your interesting take on this. Might give it a read.

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Post by AvidBibliophile »

Trauma-induced amnesia would be challenging enough, but the added loss of a face and ten fingers?! Now that would set anyone down a road of vengeful retribution. This sure sounds like an interesting two-volume set. Thank you for sharing your insightful impressions!

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Abul hossain
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Post by Abul hossain »

I am yet to read the book. But based on your review this is definitely going to my want -to-read shelf. Thanks!

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Post by aruntr2001 »

I never read a book of this type where a person loses his face. It seems to but a disheartening one. But still I curious to know if the book has a good ending.

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Post by Leandra81 »

Such a tragic story. How difficult life must be for someone who has lost your face and then your fingers. It intrigues me but I think I am too sensitive for this type of book.

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