Featured Official Review: Spy Determination - Book 2

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Featured Official Review: Spy Determination - Book 2

Post by Adedayo+23 »

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of "Spy Determination - Book 2" by Karl Braungart.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Former Army Captain Paul Remmich is an unwitting agent for a secret Iraqi spy organization known as Tariq’Allah. Drugged, hypnotized, and his behavior successfully modified, Remmich has been conditioned to do whatever the organization asks of him to further their agenda. As a military intelligence civilian consultant, Remmich has access to classified data. So far, he has stolen and passed across classified information regarding a game-changing scientific discovery without getting caught. Remmich has been called on once again, and his next mission is taking him to Cuba.

Meanwhile, a new military assignment sees Remmich’s best friend, Major Eric Miller, on a temporary transfer to Cuba. Miller and a fellow soldier have been tasked with hunting down AWOL soldiers who illegally confiscated military intelligence information for money. Already mildly concerned about some new peculiar traits he has observed in his friend, Miller’s suspicions are further raised when he spots Remmich in Cuba under suspicious circumstances. Before he can discover the truth about his friend’s situation, Miller is drugged and captured by Tariq’Allah operatives as their next brainwashed recruit. Can Miller escape the organization’s clutches, or is he bound for the same fate as his friend?

Spy Determination: Book 2 is the second book in The Remmich/Miller Series by Karl Braungart. Book 2 picks up from where the first book ended and delivers the same high-stakes edge-of-your-seat suspense that keeps you wanting more. As most of the key characters and their backgrounds have already been introduced in the first book, the story kicked off instantly and quickly built up momentum. The writing was concise and engaging, making the book a quick and easy read. The author’s background as an intelligence officer was evident in the storytelling details and gave certain parts of the story some plausibility. Although the sections relating to how the hypnosis was carried out seems a bit farfetched, it did not detract from the overall quality of the story. Also, I greatly appreciated the author’s attention to detail and how quickly the story developed.

My only problem with the book was the author’s notion that “Under Islamic law, women do not have the privilege to pray to Allah next to a man.” As a Muslim woman, I can categorically say this notion is both wrong and misleading, and adequate research would have easily revealed how this tradition came to be. It is absolutely fine in Islam for men and women to pray together. This can be seen in the holy mosque in Mecca, where Muslims from all over the world congregate and conduct their prayers. Regarding the reason why women stay behind the men to pray, it is a matter of modesty. It has nothing to do with showing less respect or less privilege to the women, but actually showing respect to their being women. Muslims pray with actions, such as bowing and prostrating, so you can imagine how men would react to a lady in front of them bowing.

The book appeared professionally edited with minor errors. The misleading notion aside, I enjoyed the book immensely and was reluctant to put it down. I read and reviewed the first book in the series late last year, and I must say the second book was a befitting continuation that did not disappoint. I gladly rate Spy Determination: Book 2 4 out of 4 stars. If you have an interest in Army intelligence operations or you want to enjoy a fast-paced espionage novel, look no further.

Spy Determination - Book 2
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Post by Juliet+1 »

This sounds like a terrific spy story, just the kind I like. And thanks for the info on how Muslim men and women pray. It makes perfect sense. :D

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Post by Laura Lee »

Wow! Sounds like a true thriller and a well-written one at that. Thanks for your insightful, analytical review!
Laura Lee

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Post by Amy747 »

I wish I could use hypnosis to get my kids to do what I ask. Lol. Just kidding. Its a pity the author got his facts a bit wrong about muslims but im glad you cleared it up for us.

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Post by CherylTegan7 »

Research is always important when writing, but there can definitely be misinformation depending on where you look/who you ask. Glad it's rectified here. With a fast pace, great editing, and military thriller aspects, this does sound like a good read. The friendship adds another level of interest and different (not so common) locations are always a plus. Great review.

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Post by Redink97 »

This seems very interesting, I'm definitely going to check it out!

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Post by readerrihana »

Sounds like an interesting read

Thanks for the review

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Post by Smcrobbie19 »

in my honest opinion I think this is one fantastic book and I really enjoyed reading it and I hope you keep up with the good work.

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Post by mishkaat »

it sounds to be a good thriller and spy novel .the muslims concept is rightly recrified in the review.

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Post by Ten10 »

The suspense created by the book is unbelievable. Miller upon learning that his best friend is a spy for a deadly organisation is captured in mysterious circumstances. I would love to read this book so as to learn about his fate.

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Post by Deepa09k »

I love how you respectfully cleared up the misconception without sounding judgemental. And also I like how you reviewed the story without giving away the mystery which makes me want to immediately pick up this book. Terrific review! đź‘Ź

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Post by professor2024 »

Thanks for the review. However one would have to acquaint themselves by reading the first book to experience high-stakes edge-of-your-seat suspense as you rightly put it. Spy and political thrillers are always good.

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Post by a-b-c- »

I liked your review and it sounds like a good book.

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