Review by Nigma16 -- E M P Honeymoon by Dorothy May Mercer

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Latest Review: E M P Honeymoon by Dorothy May Mercer

Review by Nigma16 -- E M P Honeymoon by Dorothy May Mercer

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[Following is a volunteer review of "E M P Honeymoon" by Dorothy May Mercer.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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EMP Honeymoon by Dorothy May Mercer can be described as a suspenseful and thrilling story with comedic aspects. The author did a good job in jumping from one scene to another to push the plot further. It was refreshing to bounce around to different groups of characters so as to not drag on a particular plot point. There were some aspects with government levels that did not feel too pressing or intimidating, which could have potentially driven attention away from the reader. Even though there were some character development issues, the story was still enjoyable as a whole; I would recommend it and as such deserves a 4 out of 4rating.

To start off, it felt like the character development could have used some work. For example, when the author talks about the drastic changes Sue and her team needed to go through – like plastic surgery, as well as their vigorous training – it gave the impression that they absolutely could not have been recognized under any circumstances. However, when the author describes Sue’s first day out on the beach, it makes her sound completely ignorant when it came to how to be a tourist. This aspect of their blending in should have been just as important as their plastic surgery, otherwise they would stand out regardless. It was a bit amusing to hear how the author described Sue’s transformation with breast implants as subtle and modest. The description of Sue going through her pre-packed outfits and her horror to find out it was all practically underwear was very amusing.

Another instance was with Steve’s character. At first, he is introduced as another tourist on the beach who was really trying to get Sue’s attention. This was very believable, so the author did very well in disguising him right off the bat. However, once he is captured by the members of what would be Team USA, the idea that he would be so willing to turn over and help them felt too farfetched. It did not feel authentic to have a CIA operative with, what the reader would assume would be extensive training for capture scenarios, to trust a group of people who claim to be with the US government and collaborate in the same mission.

The pace of the story was very well balanced. It did not feel like the author rushed or dragged in any one part. The segment where the college professor (Dr. Peter Kenning) went onto the show to essentially explain the potential catastrophes that an electromagnetic pulse would cause for any one country was a really nice way of explaining the plot and still segueing it within the story by having Tom and Kelly listen to the show on their honeymoon. The author did a good job of giving enough information about Dr. Kenning to provide a background as well as to give him credibility. Considering he was not a primary character, there did not need to be much more emphasis on his development. He provided enough information to drive the plot forward, at which point the reader could assume he went back to his normal routine.

To sum up, even with some characters lacked development, “EMP Honeymoon: Kelly & Tom” was still an enjoyable story. The many moments the author incorporated comedic relief did well to relieve some tension for the reader. The pace of the story moved very smoothly, describing different scenes from the US government, to the Chinese government, and Team USA. The ending provided closure for all parties, which was satisfying. This is a story that can be recommended to future readers.

E M P Honeymoon
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