Official Review: Bodies and Beaches by Don Yarber

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Latest Review: "Bodies and Beaches" by Don Yarber

Official Review: Bodies and Beaches by Don Yarber

Post by asmaahsan » 07 Apr 2013, 01:49

[Following is the official review of "Bodies and Beaches" by Don Yarber.]
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Don Yarber has created a world of crime and mystery, in his laudable literary attempt, 'Bodies and Beaches', the first book in a series of mystery thrillers, starring, Kip Yardley. 

The protagonist, Kip Yardley, is introduced as a good looking private detective, very comfortable with his masculinity, and appreciative of the responses he receives from the ladies around him. Given to dressing casually, Kip represents the perfect private detective, hired to investigate a murder, by the victim's sister.

As in most mystery stories, the detective is not only well-versed in the art of self-defence, but is intelligent, and can easily follow clues to find new leads in his case. What sets Don Yarber's style apart from other writers, is his attention to detail. The plot unfolds smoothly, and each new development is explained very well. A particularly interesting read is how Kip Yardley is able to extract himself from captivity, using masterful techniques! His fighting skills are clearly above average, as apparent from his close encounters with the unsavory characters that are on his tail, trying to prevent him from unearthing the mastermind behind the various killings. 

Cleverly weaved in the story, is a good insight into the underground criminal world. From battling it out with one villain to the next, being shot at, captivated, and nearly killed a countless number of times, Kip Yardley, an experienced private eye, keeps the reader guessing, right up to the end of the book, about the possible outcome of the murder mystery.

The description of the characters, by the author, is very interesting, and one appreciates the way Don Yarber uses subtle innuendos alone, at various places in the book, instead of adding elongated and cheesy intimate details of Kip's encounters with the opposite gender. The lack of intimate details, keeps the reader focused on the main story. 

All in all, I give the book a four out of four for being written in a good flow. The plot is well-thought out, and is interesting, right up to the end.  The author has interlaced dialogues very well with the narration, tying up all loose ends cleverly, as one reaches the concluding paragraph. As the first book, in a series of Kip Yardley Mysteries, 'Bodies and Beaches' is a well-recommended mystery thriller, and overall, a good read. 

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