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Latest Review: E-M-P Honeymoon by Dorothy May Mercer

Review by Dawn_Sooy -- E-M-P Honeymoon

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[Following is a volunteer review of "E-M-P Honeymoon" by Dorothy May Mercer.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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E-M-P Honeymoon by Dorothy May Mercer
I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.

I rated this book 4 out of 4 stars even though there were punctuation errors. Not everyone follows the same rules for punctuation, and these types of errors do not detract from the reader’s experience of the book’s story line.

E-M-P Honeymoon is a delightful read where Kelly McBride and Sgt. Tom Turbulo find themselves mixed in a web of intrigue while honeymooning in Honduras. On a beautiful, sunny day while her husband is on a diving boat excursion, Kelly decides to take a bus tour of the island. The bus stops for the passengers to view the local stores and sights, and Kelly finds herself meandering down a side street and discovers a shop named Pigsty. Thinking this is a perfect place to buy gifts, she enters the store to look around. After deciding on items to purchase, she notices the shopkeeper is not in sight. Trying to find a person who works there, Kelly goes into the back of the store only to find herself stumbling onto a plot to harm North America. A burly man catches her snooping, but Kelly manages to escape to her hotel room.

Kelly contacts her brother, Senator McBride, in a frantic phone call, but she hangs up without providing any details. Worried about the tension in her voice, he enlists his assistant, Cynthia, to get to the bottom of the frantic call. Cynthia is well-connected with a government agency and sends two specialized agents to Honduras.

When Tom returns from diving, Kelly tells him about the accidental discovery of what she thinks is a terrorist plot. Knowing his wife is not one to imagine wild ideas, he checks into her story and finds the backroom as she described. Unsure of what the terrorists plan, the honeymooners decide to keep up their presence on the island as two blissful newlyweds and secretly discover the threat. Unknown to them, they are being watched and photographed by a mysterious man.

Dorothy May Mercer has woven a plot involving a cast of believable characters. Her dialog and interaction between everyone are well constructed and realistic.

The author gives the reader a fun story but also includes some ideas that are a shocking reality. For example, humankind is on a fast track with new technology with machines capable of replacing people, such as cashier checkout machines. It made me stop to think of what we all have out there now, and perhaps other technology in secret experimental stages.

One of my favorite parts is the talk-show interview. I loved reading about scientific events such as solar flares using the Carrington flare as a prime example. Intrigued by this, I used the internet to find out more about it. Another part of the interview included factual information on an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) and the devastation something like this could cause to a portion of the planet. I applaud Dorothy May Mercer using the talk show interview with the scientist to substantiate the espionage in her story and cleverly using the EMP as part of the title.

Some parts of the book seemed not to fit with the situation or for a person. These parts took away the appeal of the story. For example, a male government agent used the phrase, “I would be in deep doo-doo.” When I read these words, it momentarily jumped me out of the story as it seemed unusual for this character to be using doo-doo.

Another occurrence happened every time the female terrorist agent spoke to Steve. She was flustered and unsure of herself, more like a high school girl than a terrorist. Everywhere else in the book, she portrayed a confident and strong woman, very in tune with her mission and in command of each situation. It would have been a more satisfying situation if she slipped on her story while trying to be devious.

Dear Leader is a man you can love to hate. The author captured these parts of the book in a way that a reader can imagine the type of person who is capable of harming others without a thought of regret to the destruction he would cause. He would not blink an eye to any pain he inflicted on others.

I believe any person who enjoys light romance with a plot twist of intrigue should read this book. Since there were no sex scenes or vulgar words, the reader audience could be teens to adults. There is mild violence or mild suggestion of violence, but teenagers probably experience more graphic ferocity on the latest video games.

Since I enjoyed reading this book, I would definitely be interested in reading other books written by this author.

E-M-P Honeymoon
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