Official Review: The Oceanside Murders

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Official Review: The Oceanside Murders

Post by Snowflake »

[Following is an official review of "The Oceanside Murders" by Karen Woodland-Hagon.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The Oceanside Murders by Karen Woodland-Hagon is a mystery novel set on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The main character is Sergeant Elle Costa, a female Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer. The RCMP are the federal police in Canada. Elle moved to Vancouver Island, from Toronto, approximately two to three years ago. She was looking for a quieter lifestyle. Elle and her partner, Sergeant Chris McKay, are in charge of investigating a series of murders of middle-aged men who are left on different beaches on Vancouver Island. The victims are each missing a key piece of their anatomy.

The story starts right away with the first victim. The book opens on Beachcomber Bay with a man propped up against a beach log. The RCMP are there because, although he looks like a sleeping drunk, he is actually the first murder victim. We are quickly introduced to the main characters and the interesting details of the case. As the story continues, there are more victims with similar details. The investigators work to find out what ties the victims together and how the few clues they have might lead them to the killer.

What I liked most about this book was the interplay between the characters. We got to know a bit about the personal lives of a few of the characters. It was a good mix of learning about the main people in the book and focusing on the investigation. I also really appreciated how the book was organized. The story switched back and forth between the investigators and the perpetrator. This was done smoothly and without giving anything away unintentionally. I enjoyed getting the perspectives from both sides of the mystery.

What I disliked the most was the resolution of the mystery at the end of the story. I was a bit disappointed with how everything turned out. I truly enjoyed the mystery all the way along, however; I do wish the author had made some different choices at the end. That is truly my own preference, though. I am sure that there are many readers who will really enjoy the ending.

I give The Oceanside Murders by Karen Woodland-Hagon 4 out of 4 stars. I enjoyed this murder mystery. The story was a bit darker than I normally like and the ending was not my favourite. However, those are personal choices, and I feel that this book was very well done. It was a well-crafted plot with enough clues and misdirection to keep the reader very interested. I did find some errors within the book, but they were mostly true typos. This book appears to be professionally edited. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy a good mystery with a little bit of a dark theme thrown in. I do not recommend this book to readers who enjoy having every single loose end tidied up at the end of the story.

The Oceanside Murders
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Post by Kaylee123 »

This sounds like such an interesting book! I love reading mysteries. I'm curious about the ending since you said it disappointed you. I wonder if I would have the same opinion. You wrote a great review. I like that you were fair and gave it 4 stars even if didn't like part of it. You were able to be objective enough.

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Post by c4bersg1rl »

Dark murder mystery, where do I sign up? But seriously, these types of stories are great, they tend to mirror real life so much to be honest. I think this book, "The Oceanside Murders" by Karen Woodland-Hagan is more my style as I am not the type to need all the loose ends tied up. Sometimes it is done to have an opening for the next book, hint hint. Thanks for your review.
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Post by Ekta Kumari »

I find the idea of switching perspective between the perpetrator and investigators quite unique. I also enjoy a good crime mystery with dark themes; however, I wonder how does the book concludes, and some loose ends may mean that there will be a sequel. Thanks for the well-written review, Snowflake. I enjoyed reading it.
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Post by Helene_2008 »

I like that the story switches between the investigator and the perpetrator. I recently read a book like that and really enjoyed it. I also like that each victim is missing a different body part... it's a unique idea. Thanks for the review!

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Post by Shadiid »

I'm interested in knowing how the investigators got the perpetrators and if they did. The meeting between two opposite sides is always interesting

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Post by Bhaskins »

Your review leaves me intrigued! I’m always curious what other people think about books. The fact that you didn’t love the ending makes me want to read it more. I love a good murder mystery and anything to do with the ocean.
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Post by Amina Yusuf »

I enjoy reading a whodunit. its always filled with mystery and lots of suspects. The reader with all his assumptions is left surprised or shocked at the end. Definitely worth reading. Thank you for the review.

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Post by Prisallen »

I love reading mysteries and this book does appeal to me. Thank you for a wonderful review!

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Post by kandscreeley »

I love a book that starts with the action right away and has a good interplay between characters. It seems like this is a book worth looking into. Thanks so much!
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Post by Agleh »

This sounds like the type of detectuve novel I would enjoy! I think the review is well written. It gives away just enough to make me curious, without disclosing the essence of the story. Thank you for bringing this book to my attention!

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Post by Janalyn101 »

This is a great review. Sounds like a great book I love Ron stories and from your review I think I’m going to love this one as well what a great review
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Post by kdstrack »

Sgt. Elle's hopes for a quiet life look like a pipe dream! The mystery and the setting of the story are appealing. I, too, wonder about a series with this main character. This looks good! Thanks for the excellent recommendation.

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Post by Cynthia Lin »

I am really intrigued at the plot and how each victim is missing a key piece of their anatomy. I love a good mystery novel and I am even more interested to read the ending since it disappointed you! Thanks for the review!

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Post by Nisha Ward »

It's kind of odd, but I think this sounds cute? I can't really explain that one because the subject matter is anything but that. Weird. Anyway, I'd like to know more about the murders and how they end up connecting them.
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