Official Review: B-Side by Janis Jones

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Latest Review: B-Side by Janis Jones

Official Review: B-Side by Janis Jones

Post by ReviewerDiksha » 10 Mar 2019, 08:24

[Following is an official review of "B-Side" by Janis Jones.]
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1 out of 4 stars
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B-Side by Janis Jones starts with a very horrible act. On the night of their anniversary, Mara, a police-officer in LAPD, leisurely drives home, hoping to spend some quality time with her girlfriend, Casey. Unbeknownst to her, at the same time, someone breaks into their house and brutally assaults Casey, leaving her for dead. When Mara arrives home, she finds the house surrounded by paramedics and fellow police officers who inform her about Casey’s situation. Holding on to dear life, Casey survives her injuries, though being scarred for the rest of her life. Mara decides to find out who hurt her lover, and why?

My rating for this novel is 1 out of 4 stars. This was one of the most exasperating reads of all time for me. I had picked up this book because its description promised a mystery. It was also mentioned that the author had experience in films and that the novel was based on a screenplay by her and Jason Rohan. Going in, I had a lot of expectations from B-Side, but I was sorely disappointed. It didn’t take much time for me to realise that this novel wasn’t based on a screenplay, it was the screenplay! Or at least, it felt like one. It was not written like a novel. There was no description of the surroundings, no setting up of scenarios, no deep insights into the characters.

“Mara driving, leaning her face out of the window, hair billowing, feeling the evening breeze.” This is how mundane the lines were. The author was simply dictating the scenes, she wasn’t telling a story. This dreary form of writing made it a very tedious job for me to complete this book. Now that I look back on it, I think that it might work better if these scenes were actually being played out; actors could breathe life into this story.

Considering its strong subject matter, B-Side could have worked out wonderfully. The crime that drove the plot focused on rape and home invasion. The story was further supported by the issues of PTSD, homosexuality and sexism in the workplace, in addition to the simpler themes like the complications of a love triangle. It was fairly visible that the author was trying to bring honesty into the way her characters handled their predicaments. The case itself took a shocking arc and the revelation at the end was staggering. I didn’t find any grammatical mistakes, so the editing was exceptional as well. However, all this was ruined by the method of storytelling, which was quite a let-down.

Since I didn’t like the book, I don’t know how I can suggest it to anyone else. In an ideal situation, it would have been a good read for people who like the books of crime-genre. In its present form, B-Side is too flawed to be read by anyone. For now, only someone who is in the process of learning the English language may take the chance of reading it, just because it’ll be easy to read. There is potential in this story, but the execution was just way too sloppy.

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Latest Review: B-Side by Janis Jones

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Post by hedwigwhite » 14 Mar 2019, 00:33

Eagerly picking up a book only to be disappointed is one of the worst feelings ever! It's upsetting to see you not being able to enjoy the book because of the storytelling.

ReviewerDiksha wrote:
10 Mar 2019, 08:24
“Mara driving, leaning her face out of the window, hair billowing, feeling the evening breeze.”
Indeed, this seems like a line in a screenplay, directing the actor how to act the scene. Seeing how positively you described the themes and plot of the book, the book would indeed be wonderful if it was properly written. Still, thanks for the review!

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Post by lizette » 14 Mar 2019, 04:45

Latest Review: B-Side by Janis Jones

From the description of the review, it sounds that the execution of this story, is more a screen-play and does not do justice to be a novel. The review was excellent and one can easily understand how the story ends.

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Post by kandscreeley » 14 Mar 2019, 08:07

I've seen a book written mostly as a screenplay successfully. It can be done, but it's definitely difficult. It doesn't sound like the author really achieved that here. I'm sorry you suffered through this, and I hope your next book is better. As for me, I'll pass.
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Post by Jessacardinal » 14 Mar 2019, 12:26

It sounds like the author has a good idea but needs to take time to further develop the book. I am impressed with your ability to commit to finishing such an unenjoyable read.
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Post by IamShing » 18 Mar 2019, 02:20

The story sounds interesting though..I hope it will be edited soon.
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Post by chiefsimplex » 22 Mar 2019, 14:40

I can feel your frustration ,what you described about the author's narration sounds like excruciating monotony.I think i will pass.Thanks for a great review.
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