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Martina Sette
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Re: Review of The Covid Murders

Post by Martina Sette »

This book weaves together a gripping narrative surrounding healthcare, highlighting the critical link between public health and societal well-being.
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These points underscore the profound impact of health on a nation's prosperity, the economic repercussions of health crises, and the critical role of a robust healthcare system in safeguarding public health and well-being. Nice review.
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Okocha Victor
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Post by Okocha Victor »

I love books about the medical line. Seeing all the complexes that go on there getting explained in books so non medicals can follow up makes every one of this book worth the while. The COVID Murders: Another American Health Policy Detective Story is a book I would love to read.
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Jennifer Coxon
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Post by Jennifer Coxon »

This was not what I expected based on the title of the book. I appreciate the context of death on the operating table and the investigation required, but it doesn’t fit with the crime/thriller genre in my opinion.
Dominic Emezuru
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Post by Dominic Emezuru »

Today's Book of the Day selection promises to be a gripping, suspenseful read filled with mystery and intrigue! As the second book in the acclaimed Tinsley Health Policy Detective series, it picks up right where the exhilarating events of the first novel left off. Readers who delight in fast-paced crime thrillers and action-packed medical detective stories are in for a real treat with this one. With a masterful blending of suspense, mystery, and gritty detective work set against the backdrop of health policy, this latest installment seems primed to get pulses pounding. Fans of the series and newcomers alike are bound to be hooked by the tantalizing plot threads left to be unraveled. Congratulations to the author on this much-anticipated continuation being selected for Book of the Day!
Muhammad Haikal_
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Post by Muhammad Haikal_ »

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the intricacies of American healthcare? Look no further than "The Covid Murders"! This gripping book presents complex issues of American health policy and politics in an entertaining and engaging way that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Whether you're a healthcare professional, policy enthusiast, or simply curious about the system, this book offers valuable insights that will keep you hooked until the very end. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore the fascinating world of American healthcare - grab your copy of "The Covid Murders" today!
Victoria Zoe
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Post by Victoria Zoe »

Greg Vigdor in his book focused on the consequences of the COVID pandemic on the economic stability of nations. Congrats on the book of the day and a satisfactory review.
azza lia
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Post by azza lia »

Wow.. I got the chills just by looking at the book's cover. The setting of the book is particularly noteworthy. definitely one of the most traumatizing events of our age. The plot intertwines the anxiety inducing atmosphere of a global pandemic that had direct adverse effects on both public health and economic stability. The book's exploration of political influences adds layer to the narrative. It might be worth a second look. Wonderful review.
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Melisa Jane
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Post by Melisa Jane »

COVID-19 had adverse effects, both on individuals and on the economy of the whole world in general. I never thought how hard it was for hospitals. This book gives insights on how it changed things in a hospital. Congratulations on becoming today's BOTD.
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Ukaegbu Confidence
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Post by Ukaegbu Confidence »

"The COVID Murders: Another American Health Policy Detective Story is a book about the sudden death of an attorney, Thomas Baker. Following the story, it looks like it may have been a medical mistake that caused his death. I would love to read the whole book. Congratulations on BOTD.
Phillip Olutosin
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Post by Phillip Olutosin »

The Covid Murders by Greg Vigdor tells the story and investigation of a deaths linked to a certain cause. It also showcases how political propaganda might be used in the healthcare sector. Congratulations on BOTD.
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Surabhi Rani
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Post by Surabhi Rani »

'Official Review: The Covid Murders: Another American Health Policy Detective Story' by Greg Vigdor has a thought-provoking introduction. It provides the readers with the clarity of the engaging plot of the story. The point that this is a story of the investigation of the death of a prominent attorney named Thomas Baker in a Nashville hospital is worth mentioning in the review. Readers delve into the main characters of the story by reading the review. Also, as mentioned in the review, this book raises awareness about the possibility of political propaganda being employed during the COVID-19 outbreak and its consequences. Learning that the book is recommendable to those who enjoy medical detective stories was great!
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Sarah Zain
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Post by Sarah Zain »

The events and structure of the story seem intense, mixed mystery with pandemic events. It isn't suit my taste, but the story would be a good read to many. The review is engaging and detailed. Congrats on BOTD
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Misael Carlos
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Post by Misael Carlos »

A surefire thriller with the pandemic as the backdrop is something I’m looking forward digging into and this one is right up my alley. How will Jason and Irv solve the mystery of Thomas Baker’s death? Was there a political motive knvolved? Exciting to find out!
Steve R 1 Nimmo
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Post by Steve R 1 Nimmo »

The book starts off on a riveting note delving into the murkiness surrounding the death of a VIP patient, Thomas Baker, in a Nashville hospital during the pandemic. Thereon, the book unfolds a saga of the political propaganda surrounding the dispensation of health care in America, and leads us to question the overall transparency of operations on several fronts. Could there be more to it than meets the eye?
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