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Eagle Magus by Susan Lohrer

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Eagle Magus by Susan Lohrer

Post Number:#1 by kfagan-14
» 29 Nov 2012, 12:41

[Following is the official review of "Eagle Magus (Book 1 of the Magus Series)" by Susan Lohrer.]

I picked out Eagle Magus by Susan Lohrer because I’m a sucker for fantasy books, especially ones that are in a series. This book involved some of my favorite things like magic, control of the elements and solidarity with animals. There is also a strong romance theme in this story.

We enter the story as Varick Garth has taken on a mission none of his comrades would touch. His job is to close the veil, the source of magick used by the Maguses, who have control of the elements. Unfortunately, to complete this task he had to sacrifice his wings and forever resign himself to the ground. This way he can appear as a normal man and find a Magus to show him how to operate the veil.

Instead of a Magus, Varick finds Keena Naess. Keena is a blacksmith by trade, but she can also use magick to heal. Keena is preparing for a journey of her own. She has spent the past year creating a magical blade, Tula, to hold open the veil while she searches for her brother on the other side. He left 2 years previous to try and find justice for their murdered parents. Now Keena is going to lose the forge and family property if she can’t bring her brother home.

When Varick enters the forge, he is immediately drawn to Tula. The sword called to him and he had to have it. He overpowers Keena and promises to return it if she takes him to veil. They start their journey together and as they travel begin to fall for one another. Along the way they have to face many challenges, including avalanches and a rival Magus who knows secrets about Varicks past, as well as what he can become.

This book wasn’t for me. I personally didn’t care much for how much it focused on the growing relationship between Varick and Keena. It wouldn’t have been a problem except I felt that it took away from the actual storyline. I felt there really wasn’t much background information revealed with little promise of additional information in the coming novels. I just felt like there was a lot of room for expansion and depth in this story that Lohrer didn’t take advantage of.

Despite my personal preferences, this book was well written. I felt it moved along at a good pace. I give it a rating of 2 out of 4 stars since even though I personally didn’t care for it, the story was well written and I think there are people who would truly enjoy it.

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