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The Mitosis Hegemony by Arthur van Kaseman

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The Mitosis Hegemony by Arthur van Kaseman

Post Number:#1 by MrEmDash
» 30 Aug 2012, 23:12

[Following is the official review of "The Mitosis Hegemony: TechnoPolitics in the 21st Century" by Arthur van Kaseman.]

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The future is often uncertain and unpredictable. We all want to know what lurks a year, 10 years, 20 years after right now, but obviously we can't. Yet it seems Mr. van Kaseman can. This book is an incredibly sophisticated and detailed prediction of what may happen to our world in the near future. Violence is everywhere. 100 million people a year are dying in wars. Millions more die of disease, murder, suicide bombings, starvation, and thirst. The problem as it seems: is direct democracy. A type of democracy where the people themselves make decisions, instead of elected leaders.

The best scientists predict Earth can only be sustained for 5 more years before collapse. The only alternative is in the hands of an alien species called the Magla, who can give the people of Earth clean energy, homes, health care, education, and financial aid to everyone on Earth. It sounds like a utopia, with everything being provided for you. The only catch is that all weapons must be dismantled and destroyed, and the people must live in peace.

I really loved this book because it relates to so many of the important issues today such as corruption and global warming. I could entirely believe this happening within 50 or a 100 years in the future. It shows where our world is heading to and shows the lust for power people have, no matter what the cost may be. It really struck with me how very close we are to this situation. This may just be a modern version of 1984. It really is that good.

The overall fluidity and language of the book was excellent. It flowed very nicely and had some very intricate words (some of which i had to look up in a dictionary, which doesn't happen very often to me). It was so complicated that it was mind numbing and took away from the story, but it was complicated enough to really make you think. The description was excellent and original and extremely vivid. I was saddened that the story was only 120 pages and only a novella. I want more!

I would give this story 4 our of 4 stars because of the excellent content, plot, languague, action, relation to current events... The story was just magnificent and amazing. If you like sci-fi, non-fiction, politics, fiction or furturism, you're bound to love this book, because it's incredible. Unlike the last book I reviewed, it was obvious that it was edited multiple times, and I really appreciated that. Everyone has to read this!

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