Review by Evie27 -- Last Another Day by Baileigh Higgins

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Latest Review: Last Another Day by Baileigh Higgins

Review by Evie27 -- Last Another Day by Baileigh Higgins

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Last Another Day" by Baileigh Higgins.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Have you ever wondered what the end of the world looks like? About what happens when reality crosses over into fiction, when your worst nightmares are no longer confined to your subconscious? Last Another Day immediately draws you into a world crumbling at the seams, where infection has waged war with the living and is winning.

In Riebeeckstad, South Africa, Morgan awakes to the beginning of the end. A zombie apocalypse. Crouched on one side of the bathroom door she listens to the snapping sounds coming from the other side. The door doesn’t muffle the sounds of her husband’s jaw as he seeks to tear her flesh strip by strip from her body. She knows she faces a crucial decision - to fight and attempt to survive or to give up and die. Nearby, Max joins forces with the perpetual loner and survivalist, Logan, and attempts to make his way back to Riebeeckstadt to find his family. Meanwhile, under the cover of darkness, Breytenbach and his hired mercenaries steal through the countryside on a mission to rescue a billionaire’s son.

Baileigh Higgins draws you into her apocalyptic world with ease, Last Another Day (Dangerous Days – A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Thriller Book 1) captures and demands your attention from the outset. Her perfectly crafted microcosm of society freely allows exploration of different situations and decisions from various perspectives and vantage points. I loved that the novel is essentially a tale of survival against the odds in an apocalyptic world full of zombies. It doesn’t attempt to be something it’s not. It does, however, subtly lead you to the bigger questions and concerns. About how when a disaster falls we have a choice – to keep our compassion and dignity, our humanity, or to descend into chaos and lose all semblance of civilization. Does survival truly trump humanity? Or can there be a balance?

This is a fast paced novel which kept me on the edge of my chair the whole way through. I easily resonated and formed bonds with the characters. Each contributed to the story in their own way, adding an element of depth and reality. Even, or especially, the characters I didn’t like. In such a foreign world not everybody can be the “good guy”, Higgins remembers this and reminds you that it’s not just the zombies you need to watch out for. In a compelling mix of genres, Last Another Day leads you through numerous exercises in survival. From the fantastical to the practical, from locating the weakest point on a zombie to sourcing fresh water and finding shelter. This is a well thought out and convincing new world, exceptionally designed and described, full of characters you will both love and hate. Baileigh Higgins makes a zombie apocalypse real (thankfully from the comfort of your own home) and this novel will appeal to anyone who has ever remotely wanted to experience the end of the world at the hands of a zombie plague.

I give this book 4 out of 4 stars, it is superb. I loved it. I honestly couldn’t put it down. Last Another Day has allowed me to experience an apocalyptic world exactly as I would have wanted to imagine it. Living vicariously through her characters, I got make the tough choices - it all comes down to a decision based life – instinctual and raw – there are no second chances in this new world. Are you game?

Last Another Day
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