Review by godly02 -- Timewise by Robert Leet

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Review by godly02 -- Timewise by Robert Leet

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Timewise" by Robert Leet.]
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When I first read the summary of Timewise by Robert Leet, I was a little intrigued by it. But when I read a review by another fellow review team member it spike my intrigue even more. This is when I decided to give it a chance by stepping out of my comfort zone and embrace the book with an open mind. This was a little hard since the book revolves around quantum physics, physics and math. I am definitely not an expert in any of these topics by any means.

Ron is the main character in this book. The story line mainly revolves around him and his life from childhood briefly into adult hood. Ron was in the foster care system while growing up. He barley remembers specific details of his childhood or the families that he stayed with. He can recall certain things like the last name of a family, one of the children's names but not the family the child was a part of, a set of twins, faces and scenes. He recalls other things during this time period. For example he can recall that a television was on all the time in the houses and they were full of birth kids along with foster kids. He wasn't treated bad during his time as a foster child but he wasn't given much attention as well.

Ron remembers not being into anything specific while growing up. He wasn't interested in school or other things of that nature. He pretty much just lived day by day with no real bases to his day. Nothing seemed to give him the drive that he needed and this includes no one as well.

Ironically Ron becomes interested in chess while in the fourth grade and he even remembers the teachers name Mister Froiseth that sparked the first structure in Ron's life. He does have a reason to why he is interested in chess and the reason is not the game itself. He found a strategy to become good at chess so that he could make a little money. In other words chess is how he hustled players for money, so that he could afford a few snacks a week. Being the fact that he was a foster child, he didn't have the luxury of having an allowance or any other way of getting money. This summed up was his way of treating himself to something he couldn't have on a regular bases. He didn't make more than a dollar or two per game won.

He would play chess during the chest tournaments that were held once a week. During his time of playing chess in these tournaments he met a person that would be a big key component in his life. Ron doesn't remember the exact date that he met Regina but she made a dramatic impression on him that day. She was way older than him but he found her to be beautiful and pretty. He really found himself drawn to her. They played each other that day in chess and it was not the only time Ron saw Regina.

After having a nice game and conversation with Regina, Ron notices that she is at his school. He starts to see her around at the school as a teacher working with other students in his school. Ron is not in any of her classes seeing that Regina is a physics professor and Ron does not have the grades to be in her class. He would attempt anything to run into her in the hallways. To the point that he applied himself hard in school brought his grades up and with Regina's help was able to move to higher classes. Not Regina's class of course seeing that her classes are to advanced for him. This push gave Ron another form of structure in his life.

Fast forwarding to the future Ron has met a few people and we see the roll they play in his life or the way the influence his choices. We see how he develops into a few different forms of himself. We see how even while grown up he still doesn't have a major drive in his life. Ron is still chasing the money with no actual direction. The goal is mainly survival. During this time frame he runs into Regina again and they come together to catch up, during this time Regina offers Ron a deal that was to good to pass. She offered to pay Ron's college education along with extra money for every A he receives on his report card. He takes the deal and even though he is going to school he still seems to have no actual direction he's basically just going with the flow.

The ending definitely caught me off guard its not what i assumed it would be. In a way I assumed that it would end with Ron and Regina living their lives together in a different way then how the book actually ended. All in all I enjoyed the book even though I wasn't able to grasp all of the physics talk in the book it did not stop me from enjoying the story line.

I did not see any errors while reading the book. I rate this book 4 out of 4 because the story line flowed with no hiccups. It sustained my attention to the point that I found myself reading the book every time I had a moment, even if it was enough time to read only one page. This book in my opinion would be geared towards people that like math and physics. There is a lot of talk that went over my head when it came to these two subjects.

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