Featured Official Review: Project Tau by Jude Austin [April 2020 Book of the Month]

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Re: Featured Official Review: Project Tau by Jude Austin [April 2020 Book of the Month]

Post by Jasica900 »

Great job on the review! I enjoyed reading it and it was informative without ruining the story. This book was incredible and I couldn't put it down once I started to read it.

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Aaron Ambers
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Post by Aaron Ambers »

Cool, great review there.
Project Tau sounds interesting and attractive, I think I can put up with morbid scenes.
Thanks for the review kandscreeley.

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Post by Tonika632 »

This sounds so great that I cannot wait to tackle it! I love reading about the future, every author of those kinds of books has a different pictures of what is going to happen. I love the idea of cloning, I cannot wait to read how it turned out.

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Post by gracedivine »

I like sci-fi books. And this review is spotless. Welldone

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Post by Nelson Chocha »

If this multitude Cloning elaborated in Project Tau occur in the future, human life will not be the same, i am imagining the negative out comes that can be imposed on us the Real Humans. This is a perfect review, it has uncovered almost the whole book in just few Paragraphs.

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Post by Milliehodge57 »

These books of doom and gloom are appearing more each day.
Although it has a common theme it still may intrigue those who follow science fiction books. A lot of imagination and creativity involved. Reading stories like these are becoming too common these days.

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Post by RKeinath »

From your review alone I am considering adding Project Tau to my reading list as I do enjoy science fiction that is thought-provoking, relevant, and, unless it is War of the Worlds by H.G Wells, not filled with aliens or zombies and the ilk. Thank you for your review.

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Post by anoushka_thakur »

Your review sent chills down my spine!! I love sci-fi and I believe this book will do perfectly for me.

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Post by Zoe Luh »

The premise is definitely spooky, but I want to read it now. It's a really interesting concept to have the clones act as slaves and definitely brings in a lot of questions about morality, labor, and science

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Post by GiselleBengochea »

:no-spoil: In Project Tau by Jude Austin, one of the underlying themes of the book is "Never Conform to Someone Else's Standards Just to Fit In." In his quest to fit in, Kalin Taylor, the central character, is a college student who accepts a dare from Phi Mu Alpha. In an effort to conform, he breaks into Project Tau, a secret facility where human cloning is ongoing. The results are catastrophic.

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Post by Egragious »

This sounds like a cliche story about cloning all over again. I have seen n movies about this kind of topic like the Island, with Ewan Mc Gregor and Scarlett Johansson. It's about the same thing, with the exception that the clones thought they were the originals.

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Post by Sumansona1344 »

Oh My God! This book sounds so amazing. I do not usually prefer science fiction but I am surely going to put this book on my TBR. These kind of books make me think that our future is full of dark. It sometimes horrifies me in a weird way but at the same time, it opens up my imagination in different ways.
Thank you for reviewing this book in an interesting way!

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Post by GiselleBengochea »

:tiphat: What do you think about the ending of Project Tau by Jude Austen? Do you think that the ending sounds like a final conclusion or do you think that the author has left room for a sequel?

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Post by Sekhautet »

Ty for your review. I had seen this title come up on another site, but wasn't sure I would like it.

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Post by kutlee »

Scientific breakthroughs have taken a huge toll on the lives of humans nowadays..this kind should never suffice. I love Sci-fi and this review has given me the desire to read this book. The cover did not appeal to me..but the review has...thanks

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