Featured Official Review: Project Tau by Jude Austin [April 2020 Book of the Month]

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Re: Featured Official Review: Project Tau by Jude Austin [April 2020 Book of the Month]

Post by nageena_rasheed »

Cloning seems horrible because i cannot imagine my own double walking on earth, but its depiction in an intriguing way where a reader is totally captivated by the charm of what is going to happen next is an art. congratulations for the reviewer and the writer!

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Post by Naty17 »

This book is very emotional. It talks about abuse and freedom. This book is so easy to picture what is happening in my head. This book takes place in the future.

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Post by Gianina Buda »

kandscreeley wrote:
14 Jan 2019, 09:09
The author describes the plot as more character-driven than plot-driven. While I agree with this to an extent, there's still an element of suspense that captured my imagination.
Thank you for the riveting review! It's hard not to be tempted to read a science-fiction book that also has unforgettable characters. What draws me in is the fact that the action seems to be driven by the protagonist's essential self, which is such a great combination of plot and display of human character. This will definitely go on my "Want to read" shelf. :techie-studyingbrown:

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Post by Mrunalpatki »

A scary future!! Wow, your review captures the gist of the book very well. In my opinion a book that entertains and also makes you think is an ideal book to read for every audience. Thanks for the review.
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Post by Nafreezy »

This is one must-read! Cloning? I'm in.
Can't wait to read the whole story.

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Post by Ranolt »

This is just an excellent review I've ever come accross, I am overwhelmingly intrigued to read the book as I am a big fan of the Science fiction

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Zubairu haruna
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Post by Zubairu haruna »

Wow!if i should rate this, i should give it five stars
It's a bit scary but being a Sci-Fic lover i will add this to my shelf

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Post by Reubeney »

The book seems interesting and intriguing. I also find the idea of human cloning more authentic relating with world's technological advancement. I enjoyed reading your review.

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Latest Review: Project Tau by Jude Austin

Post by rdrumsey »

I thoroughly enjoyed your review. I also agree with you. It was a ‘hell of a ride’ to read.

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Post by edztan15 »

I'm definitely adding this one in my TBR list. Sci-fi novels usually suffer from too much focus on the technicality of its premise and lack of character development but based on the review, Project Tau did not fall into that trap.

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Post by Nelson Chocha »

Science fiction, Wow this book is the Future. This is really a wonderful Review

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Post by JGretz-7 »

I agree with some of the other comments, that sci-fi isn't typically my go-to genre. However, this book grabbed me right away. I couldn't put it down. Totally enjoyed it and could see how this could spark some discussions around ethics in book clubs regarding human rights issues.

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Post by Bkt87 »

The overview makes me want read the book even though it's on the shelf. Now that errors have been spotted I think all in all its a great book full of creativity. Not all will have the test of it but most readers would love to have their hands on it.

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Post by Dic45ta »

Even though it sounds scary, I can picture it totally happening. Thanks for the great review.
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Post by GiselleBengochea »

:tiphat: Project Tau by Jude Austin is a work of science fiction that seems to be prescient in nature. It speaks about Human cloning where the clones are utilized as slaves. The central character, Kalin Taylor is a college student who pledges into a fraternity where he is coerced to break into the Project Tau compound to investigate the cloning activity. There are violent encounters and abuse, which the author Jude Austin is able to portray without appearing to be too gruesome. Excellent review!

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