Review by Gs_Anja -- Timewise by Robert Leet

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Latest Review: Timewise by Robert Leet

Review by Gs_Anja -- Timewise by Robert Leet

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Timewise" by Robert Leet.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Timewise is a first person novel about the life of an orphan, Ron Larson. In the novel, the reader learns about Ron's relationships, experiences and passions. He develops a passion for mathematics/physics, which is the main theme in the book.

Regina Russo can be seen as the catalyst. She is a physicist, much older than Ron, that takes an interest in him at a young age. Regina helps him, motivates him to work hard and awakens his passion for the scientific world. Throughout the novel, they lose touch many times but Regina always finds her way back into Ron's life.

Ron meets and is influenced by a few interesting characters besides Regina. Each person brings a new depth to Ron and his life by teaching him beautiful things about the world.

It is a beautiful read, even to someone who doesn't have a lot of knowledge on physics. The subject of physics is intertwined with life lessons. The book is beautifully written with a great, and definitely not predictable, narrative. Therefore, I rate the book 4 out of 4 stars and would not rate it any less.

The author conveys a optimistic tone. Only when called for, there was a despondency in the tone. I enjoyed this because it makes the reader feel good and inspired. The author has a great use of dry humor in serious situations, which helped keep the tone upbeat.

This novel not only entertains but also stretches the mind. This means that it is by no means an easy or fast read. There are a lot of complicated concepts, as physics plays a big role. However, the author has a amazing ability to make complicated ideas straightforward through the use of imagery. There are also a few useful diagrams. Both these elements helped me grasp the concepts in the novel and makes it accessible for individuals with little knowledge of physics. The author uses simple but effective words and metaphors. It is apparent that the author has a deep knowledge and love for the subject at hand. The descriptions and metaphors simplifies and beautifies the images created in the book. The way the author describes Ron's passion is superb - the reader can relate to the passion even if it is not a passion for mathematics.

There is a continuous mysterious feeling in the novel. Until near the end, Regina and her theories remains a mystery. It frustrates the reader and Ron as well. The shared sentiment connects the reader to Ron. An example of this, is through conversations. When Regina and Ron discuss physics, Ron would ask the things that the reader does not understand. This gives Regina the ability to explain further or simplify ideas so that the reader (and Ron) can understand better.

Conversations are excellently executed and have other purposes as well. It is used to highlight important parts of the novel. When a moment carries more weight, it will be in direct speech. Also, The author does not skip through parts of Ron's life, but rather summarizes it. As the novel covers a multitude of years, it gives the novel more depth.

One thing that I greatly admire, is the author's ability to appreciate, although not objectify, women. They are always written about with respect. Their beauty seems to have the same impact as their intelligence and personalities.

If I have to give one negative aspect, it would be that the secondary characters are sometimes a bit one dimensional. They are there for one purpose in the novel and fulfill their roles well, but never exceed beyond it.

Although I enjoyed this book immensely, I do not recommend it to everyone. Anyone who has neither knowledge or an interest in physics should not read this book. I do not have a lot of knowledge but was still able to enjoy it because I wanted to learn. This book is also not suited for individuals looking for a fast read in their free time: you have to make time and be open to learning when reading this book.

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Post by Kei Nakagawa »

Great review! I like your take on how Leet does not objectify women but actually celebrates them. Thank you for giving me a new perspective. The book is indeed a great read!
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An orphan always gets to appreciate the value of the people around, since he knows what it means to come to this world without a pair of lovely arms to hold him as a baby. Thank you for the review!
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