Official Review: Metaphase by Mitchel Street

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Latest Review: Metaphase by Mitchel Street

Official Review: Metaphase by Mitchel Street

Post by chupke07 »

[Following is an official review of "Metaphase" by Mitchel Street.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Metaphase by Mitchel Street is the second book in a series. There is a long legacy of people who have special abilities to control the energies that surround us every day. These people are evolved from normal humans and have developed into different species, including ones that can change to look like birds or big cats. Piper is the savior princess who was born to save these evolved people from her dictator brother. She must learn to fight for her life quickly and use all of the power and skill that she has because her brother is the most powerful leader that has ever existed.

This book begins almost exactly where the first book in the series leaves off and because of this, I would not recommend anyone attempt to read this book without having first read Prophase, the first book in the series. Piper has discovered that she is the savior princess of an evolved species and that her older brother is a violent dictator. Piper must avoid being caught by him or she risks being killed and destroying any hope this evolved people have of getting out from under his ruling thumb. This book is the next chapter in the journey that Piper takes to develop her abilities towards being able to take her brother down.

I enjoyed this book for its creative storytelling and vivid details but did find some of the sections difficult to follow because they were too descriptive. In particular, the fight scenes included in this book are extremely detailed and can sometimes be difficult to follow without rereading. The story is interesting and kept my attention, even though some crazy life changes that have happened to me while reading it and I look forward to continuing the story in the next book.

Overall, I would rate the book 3 out of 4 stars because of the confusing sequences that take place in this book. The first book did not seem to have that same confusion for me, so with a bit of editing, I believe this book could read smoother. There were a few minor errors as well, mostly missing end quotations and minor misspellings that affected my overall rating. However, I would read this book again and recommend others to give it a chance as well.

I would recommend any reader who enjoys the fantasy genre to read through this series, including young adult readers. There is no graphic violence or gratuitous sex scenes, but it does maintain a level of sophisticated writing that can be intriguing for adults as well as younger readers. This is a commitment to the entire series though, as the book will be impossible to understand if the first one is not read. If you are a reader who does not want to make a multiple book commitment I would avoid starting the series.

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Post by JHuschle519 »

I'm always on the lookout for a good fantasy series, and this one sounds like it might be a good one. I like the idea of people being able to change into animals, or animal-like people. It sounds like there is a lot of conflict involved in this series, which is also something I like. Thank you for the great and informative review.

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Post by T_stone »

This really sounds like a good fantasy book; the second in the series. Has an interesting plot but can't be enjoyed nor understood without reading the first book. I'll pass on this but thanks for the review.
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Post by Debjani Ghosh »

This seems like a good fantasy novel with elements of shape-shifting and "good vs. evil" concept, however, I am reluctant to commit to a multi-book series at the moment. Thanks for the review!

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Post by kandscreeley »

Obviously, I'd have to read the first book before trying to decipher this one, but it sounds interesting. I like that it's clean. Piper sounds like a great character, strong. Thanks for the review.
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Post by Caylie_Cat »

This book sounds very intriguing, though this genre is not usually my taste. It is a shame, however, that it cannot stand alone and have the reader pick up the story line without having read the first book. Good review!

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Post by wendos »

I hope Pipers will catch up with his powerful brother before he get her or destroys the evolved people. The review makes the story-line likable. Thanks also for the warning that this book is not a stand alone.

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Post by Amanda Deck »

The title intrigued me, alluding as it does to cell division. If it's an overall exploration of the evolution of a society, which it sounds like it is, I think it will be fascinating to read. I'm curious to see how the storyline fits into the concept.

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Post by evan1995muniz »

I was attracted to your review thanks to the awesome cover of this novel. Now that i know what it is about i deffinatly want to read the first book and this one too. thanks for the cool review, this book seems awesome.

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Post by Franc93 »

I will have to pass on this one. I have not yet read the first installment to the series so i will indeed find it hard to maintain a level of understanding while reading this book. Your review was okay though.
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Post by Amy+++ »

This book sounds really interesting. Normally, I wouldn't read a book like this, but it sounds promising.

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Post by Theresam »

I haven’t read the first in the series, but I may read it so that I can read this second book as well. It seems like an interesting story.

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Post by Dr_ollayemi »

A very interesting fantasy book, even though I haven't read the first series, I could still flow very well with the storyline.

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Post by Nessa_girl78 »

I am not generally a fan of sci-fi, but this book does sound intriguing. I would have to read the first one though, to stay in the proper order. Congrats on BOTD!

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Post by Ray456q »

I think I might pic this one up. Although the idea is unoriginal. I have read so many books of the sort, people controlling the elements I mean. But not all of them are very good. The best one I've read is ELEMENTALS. Thanks for the review

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