Official Review: The Witch by Mistake by Anna Brusha

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Official Review: The Witch by Mistake by Anna Brusha

Post by HRichards » 09 Oct 2018, 10:09

[Following is an official review of "The Witch by Mistake" by Anna Brusha.]
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1 out of 4 stars
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Maya is having one heck of a bad day. First, she’s fired from her job for accidentally buying cupcakes that insult the mistress of her boss thanks to a misplaced “h”. Second, after a bit too much wine on the way home, she is accosted by a man who claims she is a witch. Not only does he claim she’s a witch, but he claims she’s a witch who must fight demons. What follows is Maya being whisked into the world of magic, bumbling her way through training, and then promptly realizing she’s attracted to the one person she shouldn’t be.

The Witch by Mistake by Anna Brushna is tailor made for lovers of supernatural romance. Maya is trying her best in the magical world, but things just don’t go her way most of the time. She is charming, but she’s never too saccharine to be unbelievable as a character. Her rather humorous characterization is the real strength of the book, to me. Some of her observations, such as her shock that adults would leave a classroom full of children alone, then realizing that the children are witches, therefore perfectly fine without needing protection, are rather humorous. Maya’s reactions are natural, and she is a sympathetic character because of it. The romance in the story is also believable and has a nice resolution.

Unfortunately, I could only give the book 1 out of 4 stars. The rating is almost entirely based on the fact that the book is terribly hard to read because of grammatical errors, strange punctuation, and sentences that are so garbled it it takes several tries to figure out what is happening. “A” and “the” are dropped out frequently in the dialogue, making the writing confusing. Whole chunks of dialogue are so difficult to read, that I sometimes had to stop and reread them several times to make sense of what I think the author was trying to get across. The real issue with the book is the author not seeming to have access to a good translator. The dialogue, which a person would probably easily be able to understand if actually talking to a non-native English speaker, is very confusing when read.

The issues with the translation are very frustrating, because I feel like this book is probably very charming in its own language. What I was able to decipher through the poor translation was a book that seems to have a cute plot, very good humor, and good characters. Unfortunately, it took so many rereads of certain parts to figure out what was going on, those features got overshadowed. If the author translated this herself, I admire her attempt at what had to be a daunting prospect. I desperately wish an accomplished translator had been given access to edit the book though, as I can tell a charming book is there, just such a struggle to get to when puzzling through the dialogue that it harms the experience.

The Witch by Mistake shows evidence of being a good book, just not in the language I was reading it in. There are hallmarks that indicate the author has talent, but they are so hard to muddle through to get to, that I had to mark my rating of it down based on how difficult it was to read and make sense of.

The Witch by Mistake
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Post by Debjani Ghosh » 10 Oct 2018, 01:15

This seems to be a good supernatural romance but the author bungled the execution. I am going to skip this one. Thanks for the honest review!

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Post by Bianka Walter » 10 Oct 2018, 01:20

What a pity! A good editor could sort those problems out, so I hope the author takes your advice and puts it through a few rounds of proofreading. Especially when there is a salvageable story!
Great review! :)
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Post by ParadoxicalWoman » 10 Oct 2018, 01:45

The storyline is promising. I am amazed when you mentioned about the author's attempt to translate this book in English. I have to put this book on hold until round of editing takes place.
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Post by wendos » 10 Oct 2018, 04:00

A good book laced with supernatural romance. If i have to reread a sentence because of poor editing, my interest gets diminished. Thanks for a detailed review.

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Miriam Molina
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Post by Miriam Molina » 10 Oct 2018, 04:36

I wonder what language this book was originally written in. What a pity that the translation muddled everything. Or is it the work of an evil witch?

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Post by MsTri » 10 Oct 2018, 11:29

'Tis such a pity! I normally stay away from books about people who "find out" that they have some kind of supernatural powers or gifts, or are supernatural creatures of some sort - sooooo cliché! - but this sounded like it could have been an exception. I really hope they fix it up so I can give it a read... Thanks for the intro and warning, *sigh*.

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Post by sonya01 » 10 Oct 2018, 14:11

Oh, what a pity! It's unfortunate that a potentially good book is ruined by poor translation and editing. I know, too, how frustrating it is to read a book that just doesn't flow, for whatever reason, and it is very hard to review the book on its own merit, rather than its editing. Hopefully, they'll take another look and sort it out. Thanks for the candid opinion.

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Post by Book Lover 35 » 11 Oct 2018, 00:20

Aww. Your summary and intro sounded so good. I was getting excited. Sounds like there are too many errors to ignore though. Thank you for the honest review!

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daydreaming reader
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Post by daydreaming reader » 11 Oct 2018, 11:29

It is unfortunate that there are so many errors, the book sounds like an entertaining, quick read. Thank you for your review.
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Post by topdan30 » 15 Oct 2018, 13:02

This book has what it takes to be a great read. The error is a sure spoiler. Thanks for the review

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A G Darr
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Post by A G Darr » 16 Oct 2018, 11:57

I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I was surprised The Witch by Mistake had such a poor rating after seeing the great cover art. That made me interesting in reading your review, as I could not imagine someone would spend money to put a great cover on a terrible book. I was very thankful to read your review that showed the star rating was caused by dialogue being lost in translation, as it seems English is not the writers native language. It does leave me in an odd place, though, as I'm not sure if I want to put this book on my "do not read" shelf or give it a chance and put it on my "to read" shelf. Thank you for your review on this book, regardless.

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Post by Sweetp120 » 18 Oct 2018, 17:24

Wish this would have had a better review it sounded very interesting and intriguing. :/
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