Official Review: A Fire in the West

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Official Review: A Fire in the West

Post by melissy370 » 07 Aug 2018, 16:37

[Following is an official review of "A Fire in the West" by Harry James Fox and Lucia Mudgway.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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A Fire In The West by Harry James Fox and Lucia Mudgway is the third installment in the Stonegate series but does read well by itself.  The book is described as a dystopian Christian narrative that happens a hundred years after the United States collapse.  Honestly, though, I didn't see much of dystopian elements in the storyline, and I would define it as medieval Christian fantasy.

The main protagonist in this series is Donald of Fisher who is a renown fighter and commander in the war against the False Prophet.  Along with his wife, Rachel, and others, Donald pushed back the depraved leader to the west and gave the east peace and security.  Now twenty years later, the community of Stonegate, where Donald lives, is a thriving town with only memories of their troubled history.  Donald's son Robbie finds himself in love with a girl named Ari who is his cousin.  Distressed that they can't be together, the two try to suppress their feelings.  Soon though, Raiders, mercenaries of the False Prophet, are seen sneaking around, spreading panic and fear in the residents of the east. The False Prophet decides he has waited long enough to take what he believes is his.  Robbie sets out alone to track the Raiders and then goes missing.  What happened to Robbie? Also, can the citizens of the east defeat the ignoble ruler once and for all?

Rachel, Ari, and Carla (Ari's mother) are all strong female characters who take up arms to defend themselves.  They were my favorite characters in the book.  Carla's exploits are told in a poem, and she is lauded for her marksmanship with the bow.  Ari, along with other young women, train in archery to fight in the war. Rachel is quick thinking and brave, even amidst adversity. There are, also, a few scenes where the ladies get in on the action and help their comrades.  Although not as impressive as the ladies, Donald was a likable character as well with his solid leadership skills and care for the people.

There have been a few books in my life where I stopped reading after a couple of chapters because of its long-windedness.  This would have been one of them if I didn't have to review it.  To make this book a stand-alone, the authors give a considerable amount of background information.  Then came drawn-out preparations and strategizing for combat.  The story became bogged down in the details and made the pace sluggish.  After the halfway mark, the action finally takes place and then we race off to the finish line where the ending was wrapped up cleanly with everyone living happily ever after.  The wording sometimes appeared awkward and too proper for a real person to speak.  For example:  "Mother and Father are resting in the shade out the back.  I am sure they would be delighted to see you and offer you their hospitality.  Mother will certainly insist you stay with us for a few days to recover from such a long journey."  There were twists and turns in the plot, but they were predictable.  Furthermore, I couldn't get on board with thinking The False Prophet was evil incarnate. The authors try to depict him as a maniacal, bloodthirsty monarch, but in reality, he appears merely as a mean, dithering old man.  I also thought it was strange that even though this was Christian fiction, I found a few swear words scattered throughout. 

There were over ten mistakes with missing quotation marks and periods to add to the myriad of issues.   So with that in mind, I give A Fire In The West 2 out of 4 stars.  Because this is Christian fiction, each chapter starts with quoted scriptures, no gory battle scenes, and the authors keep the love scenarios to a minimum.  The sentence structure is simplistic making this book a good fit for teens and anyone interested in Christian and fantasy themes.

A Fire in the West
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stacie k
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Post by stacie k » 09 Aug 2018, 00:30

I’ve never read a medieval Christian fantasy before! It’s unfortunate about the sluggish pace and editing errors. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
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Rosemary Khathibe
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Post by Rosemary Khathibe » 09 Aug 2018, 01:29

The book sounds nice if it wasn't for all the mistakes. The author could have done much better with the professional editor. Thanks for your great review.

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Post by Espie » 09 Aug 2018, 08:06

Thank you for your honest review. I would have expected a first book in a series to be more enticing than you've made this book seem, but it's good it's actually the third one which could stand on its own.
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Post by Cecilia_L » 09 Aug 2018, 14:14

The long-windedness would bother me, too. Thanks for your honest review!

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Post by crediblereading2 » 09 Aug 2018, 14:39

The plot sounds quite interesting and the protagonists likable, however, the long-windedness of the book is getting to me too. Thank you for your honest review.

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Post by LV2R » 10 Aug 2018, 05:57

It is interesting that the women are warriors and fight in combat. Your review does make me wonder how the world is after 100 years of the fall of America in this book.

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Sarah Tariq
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Post by Sarah Tariq » 11 Aug 2018, 03:04

The story sounds intriguing. But I am not interested in very lengthy stories. Moreover, the formatting issues you discussed in your review makes the book less appealing to me. Thanks for your detailed review.
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Post by Nma26 » 20 Aug 2018, 20:12

Predictable plots are certainly not my style though I like Christian stories.That ks for the review.

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Post by C-Extra22 » 01 Sep 2018, 14:29

I would love to read about the strong female characters and how they use their arms. It is quite commendable that each chapter started with a quoted scripture.I find this commendable considering it's a Christian book.

Onyinye Excel
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Post by Onyinye Excel » 06 Sep 2018, 10:07

It appears this book would encourage women.I find it interesting.

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