Review by jhalwix -- Solaris Seethes (Solaris Saga book 1)

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Review by jhalwix -- Solaris Seethes (Solaris Saga book 1)

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Solaris Seethes (Solaris Saga book 1)" by Janet McNulty.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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Solaris Seethe’s Review

At first glance, Solaris Seethe’s, starts out a little similar to the opening plot to Avenger’s: Infinity Wars. The main character Rynah, starts off the story with everything in her life starting to come together, but that quickly falls apart when the plot of the story really starts to take off, due to the antagonist of the book, Klanor, wreaking havoc upon her world. Getting through the first few chapters went smoothly with Rynah meeting Solaris and getting started on her mission to save her world from imploding, until we meet the four other characters that play an important part in the story. Due to a prophecy, four Earthlings are pulled from history/future (depending on when you’re reading the story), to assist with retrieving the crystals that were stolen and stopping Klanor from becoming an all-powerful, power-wielding ruler.

My first impressions for the main characters stayed pretty much the same throughout the entire novel. Solon, was the human voice of reason and wisdom and the peace keeper between Rynah’s take charge attitude and Brie’s mousy demeanor. This youth from Ancient Greece, works as the scholar of the group and helps the others look at situations in different ways throughout the story. Alfric, a Viking from the middle ages, acts as a father figure to the rest of the crew and a rock. He’s eccentric in his actions because of the timeframe he comes from, but also becomes the glue to the team that is needed, especially when traipsing across the 13 sectors and fighting off many different people. Brie, comes from 2014 (relatively now-ish) and is a 16 year who’s had a hard life and never really left the nest until now. To me, her character needed the most growth throughout the novel and I don’t think that the author achieved it before the end of her story. The end of her growth seemed rushed and had too much back and forth with how she went about growing Brie’s character. She would go from being mousy, to strong headed and back again and it took too much of the story. The last two characters of importance were Tom and Solaris. Both of these characters act as a small comic relief and its enjoyable and well written, when they occur in the story.

The writing style for the first part of the story is well written with minimal mistakes and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Once Ms. McNulty started to enter in different points of views (switching between Brie and Rynah) the story gets harder to read. There isn’t a distinction when the author switches between Brie and Rynah’s, which was distracting, especially in some of the bigger fight scenes within the story. Another comment of concern while reading, was the photos that show up within the text of the story. They were hard to comprehend on an older Kindle and overall not necessary within the chapter. At the beginning or end would have a better place for them possibly.

The books ending leaves you with a lot of questions at the end, that I’m sure are answered in later books in the series. Do they actually find the other crystals and stop Klanor? Will there be more character development for the male characters in the story (as you don’t see much this first one)? What is the story behind Rynah and Klanor really (the author mostly leaves us in the dark on this)?

This story is perfect for those young adult/teen readers that need an escape from the here and now. It’ll keep them interested with the different characters and description of far off worlds that pull inspiration from societies old and new. I rate this a 2 out of 4

Solaris Seethes (Solaris Saga book 1)
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