Official Review: Price of Life by David Crane

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Official Review: Price of Life by David Crane

Post by jvez » 07 May 2018, 16:38

[Following is an official review of "Price of Life" by David Crane.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Immortality enables one to gain as much knowledge and accumulate as much wealth as he wants. However, despite all the perks that come with it, immortality is not always that convenient. And in Price of Life, author David Crane further explores both the good and bad sides of immortality.

Twelve thousand years ago a treacherous attack from enemy warriors annihilated Ru’s tribe. He was the only survivor and would have perished together with his tribe, if not for the blessing sent by the gods. As Ru tried to escape from the enemies, a meteorite crashed onto the ground. Encased in this meteorite was an immeasurable power, the power of immortality. And when Ru held the meteorite, he became the very first immortal—the ‘Magnus Prime.’ Ru also gained the power to steal a human’s life essence and consume it for his own benefit or use it to heal other humans.

Today, Ru and his descendants are living with mortals, blending secretly within the society. And when a group of mortals and immortals threaten mankind, Ru and his descendants now need to fulfill their duties and prevent the bleak future that awaits all.

Price of Life depicts the lives of various immortals and the mortals they happen to interact with. The book also discusses some of the characters’ difficult pasts as they witness the darkest moments of history, such as the World Wars. In every chapter, a character and his past or present experiences are portrayed. The book starts off like a set of separate parallel threads, never touching each other. And it is fascinating to read how and when these threads—the lives of the characters—start to intertwine. Please note that patience is needed to read this book as the pacing is a bit slow in the earlier chapters. The multiple perspectives will also start making sense in later parts of the book, so you’d have to endure the shifting points of view for a while.

This book presents a paranormal fiction story, layered with historical facts and topped with a sprinkle of romance. Any fan of paranormal stories and historical fiction would definitely enjoy this. The romance is not a big factor in the narrative and only serves as a side story. The book also contains a lot of references to historical events, such as the Holocaust and the Cold War. Moreover, there are some fights scenes, so expect scenes depicting violence, torture, and death. If you are not fond of these, then it’s best not to read this book.

Price of Life will definitely make readers ponder on certain ethical issues. The immortals, at least the ‘good’ ones, have a code wherein they are only allowed to take the life force of evil humans. They can even opt to kill these evil humans if they wish. This now leads to the debate whether immortality immediately makes one superior to others. The author also offers criticisms on some political constructs that readers can argue for or against.

The book features an ensemble of remarkable characters. Some of the immortal characters include the traveling musician Laura who fell in love with a mortal, the brilliant financial consultant Dina who has the gift of foresight, and the Holocaust victim turned Nazi-hunter Rachel. With these intriguing characters, I understand the author’s desire to recount all his characters’ stories. But as much as I enjoyed most of the characters’ flashbacks, there are some back stories I think the book could do without. Or perhaps, since the book is subdivided into three parts, the author could have left the recollections in the first part only. Sudden flashbacks tend to hamper the story’s pacing, especially toward the end when the climax was already starting to build up.

Moreover, as much as I enjoy stories with historical references, the author’s narrative was a bit too factual and plain at certain points. I felt like I was reading an excerpt from a history book instead of a historical fiction story. Nonetheless, this only occurred in a few parts of the narrative and not all throughout the book.

Due to the entertaining premise, notable characters, and well-researched historical facts, I am giving Price of Life 3 out of 4 stars. The book is also very well-written with just a few typos and one pronoun error. If only half points were allowed, I would have gladly given this book 3.5 stars.

Price of Life
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Post by AmySmiles » 09 May 2018, 14:55

Sounds interesting, but not something I'm looking for right now. Thanks for the review.
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Post by MsTri » 10 May 2018, 11:34

Even though I generally don't like Historical Fiction and haven't read a Sci-Fi/Fantasy book in eons, I'm all sold on this one (great job!). I really like the idea of the immortals vs. mortals and the fact that some immortals even have a code as to who they will and won't kill. Since I no longer read Romance novels either, I'm glad that the romance is just a minor side story. Again, thanks for the great review and introduction!

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Post by faceadventure » 12 May 2018, 18:31

Wow this book sounds amazing! I will definitely give it a try. Thanks for the awesome review.

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Post by teacherjh » 16 May 2018, 19:51

This reminds me of the tv show The Highlander. It had immortals interacting and brought in historical things as well.

Jackson Roby
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Post by Jackson Roby » 16 May 2018, 23:33

Sounds like the Ben ten cartoon show on cartoon net work I would rate it 1 out of 4 and it not interesting at all.

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Post by maggiechap » 18 May 2018, 12:11

This sounds right up my ally. It looks like a great read, especially with the romance being a back drop for the story instead of a main plot, I will definitely add it to my reading list. Great review!

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Post by partinobodycular » 23 May 2018, 14:54

I'm not a huge history buff, but I am interested in the idea of history through the eyes of immortals. Everything they've seen and lived through gives them a different perspective. This book sounds really interesting!

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Post by Kendra M Parker » 25 May 2018, 17:54

The immortals blending in with society reminds me of a Spanish story that was translated to English a while ago. It’s interesting to see the history woven into the story, but a shame that it seemed dry in this case.

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Post by Tiny_Turtle » 19 Jun 2018, 17:03

This sounds like an incredible read. I don't mind a lengthy book. One of my favorites is "Time Enough for Love: The Lives of Lazarus Long" by Robert A. Heinlein. I guess you could call Lazarus immortal, as in after 2000+ years he was still alive. It was just the way it comes about that's interesting.

I love long books about Immortals. It's almost like it has to be a long book. There's so much to tell. It's interesting to see how they interact and blend in with Mortals.

The flashbacks might get to me as well. They are necessary sometimes, but too often and in the wrong place can seriously interrupt the flow. We'll see.

Thank you for your thorough review. I'm adding this one to my bookshelves.

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