Official Review: Little Bird by Seth Chambers

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Re: Official Review: Little Bird by Seth Chambers

Post by kdstrack »

Great review. The idea of polymorphing is very intriguing. The author seems to go creatively into some areas of fantasy but also touches the emotions with current social trends. Nice job.

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Post by MsTri »

I don't usually read romance novels (or books where a romance is a large part of the plot), but this definitely sounds like an exception. One of my favorite comic persons is Mystique, as I'm entranced by those who can shapeshift/morph, and the polymorphs sound like a very interesting people. Unfortunately, I also know what it's like to feel unwanted by those who are supposed to love you the most; even though they were never quite this blatant, I always felt like my parents preferred my brother over me. I also like that this could be a moral story in regards to racism that we face everyday; while it's certainly not as bad as in, say, the 50s, there's still quite a bit of discrimination against mixed-race couples. As a melanated person (low on the actual melanin, though, obviously, *lol), I can't tell you how often I hear "my people" complain when a famous black celebrity ends up with a white woman. It's so sad, really.

In any event, thanks so much for the great review that touched on these themes and more. I recently read and reviewed The Different Kinds Of Monsters by this same author, so I already know that I like his writing style, and that he likes to write stories with not-so-hidden themes pertaining to humanity's condition. I will have to find the time to give this tome a read.

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Post by Alwaystkd »

Well written review, thank you. I love that you gave the strengths and weaknesses of the story as well as the way the author has chosen to bring that story to life. I too get bored with character driven books rather than moving the story forward. I also appreciate that you rated the book and shared with us that the book contained prophanity and sex. That helps readers filter what the book will contain before they purchase the book.

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Post by Kendra M Parker »

I was all set to be really excited about this book based on the cover and the premise you shared, but now I’m reconsidering due to the graphic nature of some of the scenes. Dilemmas abound!

I guess that's why we do these reviews, isn’t it? It’s good to know what is there to help people make informed choices. Thanks for an excellent review. You’ve given me good things to consider.

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Post by Bianka Walter »

This book sounds super interesting. It's a tough thing to make a known concept (transfiguration/mutation) and make it unique to a story. Polymorphing definitely sounds new and distinctive. Thanks so much, I really enjoyed this review!
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Post by Kat Berg »

This sounds like a unique book (and I love the cover, too!). I think that it is likely I would really enjoy it, although I do try to avoid books that have graphic sexual elements. I will have to try a sample and progress from there. Thanks for the review.

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Post by Flames_ »

:D This is my kind of book. Romance+fantasy+sci-fi= a book I will definitely enjoy. Thanks for the review.

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Post by crediblereading2 »

The book cover is quite intriguing and so is the storyline. Your review makes me want to read this book.

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Post by Vickie Noel »

Wow, Polymorphs sound so cool! I was almost beginning to think it was a real thing, what with the way you described it. The author must have done a terrific job! I can imagine Song Shia using her powers in all sorts of ways. I also agree that her brashness needed to be paired with the more conservative Alex. I think I'm going to devour this book. Thanks for the great review.
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Post by lavellan »

kandscreeley wrote:
01 May 2018, 08:09
I want to be a polymorph!!! That sounds so exciting. It reminds me of that character from Harry Potter that I can't think of at the moment. Anyway, sounds interesting. It's a book that I would probably enjoy, so I'll have to look into it further. Thanks so much!
Thanks for your feedback! I think you're thinking of Tonks! Song Shia's powers are very similar to hers.

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Post by lavellan »

Sahani Nimandra wrote:
01 May 2018, 08:20
I idea of graphic illustration proves to give a good visualization in reading. I think I would not mind checking this out. Thank you!
Thanks for your feedback! The cover also caught my eye when I was picking it.

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Post by Lavidainlife »

Thank you so much for a great review! From the cover and description I thought it would be something that would interest me. But after reading your review, I think I'll pass. While the relational aspects and character development sound interesting, I like more action to keep the story exciting for me.

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Post by bb587 »

This book is extremely intriguing! I used to love The Animorphs as a child. Something about changing your shape at will is so alluring! It sounds like the characters are well developed and unique.

Thank you for the review! I can tell how much you enjoyed this book.

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Post by Ginnamassa19 »

I've read and reviewed Seth Chambers' book The Different Kinds of Monsters, and I was intrigued when I saw that this review was for another of his novels. After reading your critique, I have to say that explicit violence seems like a running theme across his books, as well as his way of not sugarcoating anything XD

I'm intrigued by the plot, too--Seth Chambers seems to have a knack for unique storylines, and I'm definitely tempted to give this book a go. Thank you for your detailed review, I found it really interesting! :)

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Post by DathanReeves »

I love stories about humans with unique, atypical abilities. I love the honesty in your review, now I have to find this book and read it myself.

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