Official Review: The Tail of the Order of the Blue Maiden

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Official Review: The Tail of the Order of the Blue Maiden

Post by Mailis »

[Following is an official review of "The Tail of the Order of the Blue Maiden" by Al Romero.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The Tail of the Order of the Blue Maiden by Al Romero is a solid 69 chapters long fantasy book that probably will achieve cult classic status in the near future.

In it, we get to meet Mieu Notra, who is a beautiful blue-haired red-eyed feisty young sorceress from an exotic far-away land, on a quest to free her god from torturous binding and captivity. When Mieu's horrible and powerful grandmother tricks her and reveals plans to marry her off to her worst enemy, she luckily manages to break free and escape with the help of the Seventh Day Bandits, a band of former killers and robbers, who have decided to change their ways by becoming instead quite resourceful thieves. Now they also just try to knock their victims unconscious before robbing them blind.

Ayan is a lowly servant mouse boy from a family with a big secret. He blunders around fulfilling his everyday chores but, in his heart, he is desperate to try and prove himself worthy of honorable knighthood and achieving somethings bigger and better with his life. When the menacing god from legends, Griol, appears to him through violent visions and offers him a quest and Mieu as a reward for completing it, he sets out on the road with his newfound friends Jon and Earon. Rather soon, to his chagrin, Ayan of course finds out that Mieu is no dainty damsel in distress and has no warm feelings towards anyone who views her as one.

Ayan and Mieu face many difficult ethical questions during their quest and they must decide who they trust and what is the most important thing to fight and to live for. Through the wild and inhospitable territory, they push their way through enemy ranks, discover a mysterious castle that grants wishes and brings life to their nightmares and find out that every legend is based on a little bit of truth and a whole lot of wishful fiction.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because it has quite obviously been written with love and hard labor. The massive backstory shines through all the events and gives it importance and epic story structure that a good fantasy is all about. Ayan is relatable and through his slowly expanding worldview we get to see everything as new and unpredictable too. At the start reader gets to catch tantalizingly only glimpses of everything that is at stake. Mieu, as a character, might be moody but she is also strong and fearless, which makes her likable even when she acts out.

What starts out as an almost standard fantasy set-up, gathers speed rather quickly to flip everything onto its head, with dimensional wormhole travel experiences worthy of Dr. Strange and gory visions of demons, gods and angels, who give the ones in the Dr. Who series run for their money. Still in the end, everything finds its place and in retrospect I found appreciation for many scenes that managed to confuse me at the time of their reading.

I recommend this to anyone who has ever loved the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques because this fantasy world is inhabited similarly by animals with human characteristics and values, who fight for a better world and against the tyrants who try to rule it. And this is a good find also for those who want their stories to be unpredictable, intelligent and somewhat colorfully chaotic.

The Tail of the Order of the Blue Maiden
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Post by stacie k »

Great review! I like the way you described the characters of Ayan and Mieu. Even though fantasy is not my top pick, your review makes this one seem worthwhile. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one!
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Post by cpru68 »

I generally don’t read this genre, but your review might have me taking a closer look at this one. It sounds like the author did a great job on putting this one together from start to finish. Your review is so wonderfully detailed and it makes me want to check this one out!
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Post by Jonida »

I have loved these kind of books when I was younger, and still they attract me when stories like this come to light. They always give a strong message for impruving this world. Good job on your review!!!

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Post by revna01 »

That's a whole lot of book! The characters seem like the biggest draw from my perspective. The story sounds like a fantasy with a splash of fairytale. Thanks for the thorough review!

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Post by Miriam Molina »

I am wondering about "the tail" in the title. Is there a mermaid out there?

Mieu with her red eyes and Ayan, the mouse boy, seem to be interesting characters to follow. I think teens and tweens (who tend to be the sci-fi/fantasy fanatics) would be enthralled with them.

Thanks for the introduction to this colorfully chaotic world, Mailis!

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Post by Cmesha23_ »

This book was not my cup of tea because it didn't catch my eyes plus to many different things was going on that didn't add up.

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Post by isa3030 »

To be frank am yet to read this book Tail of the Order of the Blue Maidan by Al Romero but judging from the review, is an interesting tale of excellent 4-4stars rating,full of mystery,crime,magic ,it has 69chapters,might be graded as cult in time to come.A story of Mien Notrens a beautiful blue feista young sorceress from far away land,lookig to free her god from torture and captivity.But her powerful grandmother tricked her and revealed plan to mary her off to her worst enemy,she luckily escape and break free helped by Seven Day Bandits,a band of former killers and robbers who have changed to useful thieves,they make their victims unconsvious before robbing them to sweep.Ayan a cone servent from a family with startling secret,he acts funy but has idea to prove himself honouable knighthood and achieving things biger,fine review.The story was written on love and hard labour,the author shines through out the story given it inportance and struture, recommends it to readers of Redwall series,rated it 4-4star

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Post by maggiechap »

the story sounds like everything a fantasy should be and more. Definitely going to check it out based on this review, thank you!

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